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For the Sword

General Information
Formation April 20, 2010
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region Northern Ireland
Commanded by Iain Keers

Camelot is now functioning as a weapons commune, and no longer issues orders. This article is historical. To receive orders, sign up to the armed forces here

Camelot was a military regiment founded by Iain Keers as a trailblazer for massive military reforms which were to be brought into place during May 2009. Camelot has an optimum strength of 30+ soldiers, which work in it's factories in order to produce weapons for the unit to fight with. Camelot can produce 120 Q1 weapons per day at the cost of a mere one gold or so, which can easily be gained through selling a few weapons. It supplements this with the soldiers own money.

Its soldiers are chosen for strength and skill, but above all loyalty and commitment to Camelot.

Camelot is considered a sister organization to the German Ordo Teutonicus

Command Structure

Camelot is commanded by the Knight-General.

Each company is commanded by a Colonel and a Captain. The job of the officers is to relay orders and weapons, and assist with organisation and if necessary acquiring funding.


Lancelot's Journals is a recruitment newspaper for the UK Military Regiment Camelot. It is written by company leader and soldier Iain Keers.

Mythical History of Camelot

Nobody is quite sure where Camelot came from, or why it has amongst its ranks so many former politicians. But there has been a suggestion that the legion was born from its ancient namesake...

The Beginning

Excerpt from the eJournal of Iain Keers

23rd April

I was riding home from Parliament to my home town of Hull alone. Sambo didn't turn up to vote and Jaden was on holiday with his multi's in Jamaica, so I was the only Y&H representative. As the day drew to a close and the darkness started to draw in a great mist descended all around us. The road was almost invisible, and my face was dripping with condensation. I drew my coat around me and moved further into the darkness. At some point I noticed that the road was becoming more rough and I realised I must have missed a turnoff. Dismounting from my horse, I raised my lamp to see the map I carry everywhere with me folded into my diary. This only confused me more, as there were no other roads in this region. With regret I folded my map away, and moved off the road to set up camp for the night. The ground was flat and level, fielded country somewhere in the midlands. Finding a slight hill, I erected my small one man tent and lit a fire with some tinder I found by the roadside. Finally I picketed my horse and went to bed.

24th April

When I woke it was unbearably warm. I emerged from the tent to find myself in a sea of flowers, in a deep and wide valley. In the distance was a large hill, covered in small trees. At the top was a large and squat looking fortification whose walls were a deep red. I mounted my horse and headed in the direction of the castle to see if they could help me find my way


The castle is huge. All around it are apple orchards, each tree heaving with apples. At the door of the castle two huge men in armour stood without acknowledging me. Entering the castle I was greeted by a bearded man who directed me to the library


The King was a large bear of a man. He didn't wear gowns of state but rather the leather and chain of a soldier of olden times. He spoke to me of the many battles he had fought in, and of the mission of the men he called Camelot.

25th April

Kamieniec Podolski, the new Camelot

With the congress elections I have been forced to leave Camelot, but I have taken with me the words of the King. The cost of freedom for the many is the sacrafice of the few. I have been asked to give up my congress seat to bring together twenty men and women and found a new Camelot. The new Camelot will be based on the new frontier of civilisation: not on the bountiful fields of England but in the black earth fields of Podolia, in the Ukraine.

Oath of Camelot

The Camelot Oath of Allegiance