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Can You Hear What I Am Saying
Logo of Can You Hear What I Am Saying
Owners Roadrunnerspeed and Hassan Pesaran
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Founded 19 February 2009
Founders Roadrunnerspeed and Hassan Pesaran
Industry Newspaper
Services Podcast


Can You Hear What I Am Saying was first piloted on the 19th of February and became an instant hit. The presenters Hassan Pesearn and roadrunnerspeed saw a gap in the media market and decided to fill it, with a weekly podcast that received over 500 listeners a week. The content of the podcast varied however it centred around the current events of eRepublik.

The Duo have had special guests and special features just for elections and war updates. Each show featured an uncut version in which users could pay to listen to all the mistakes and an added "cool down" sections where the duo talk about more funny matters within eRepublik. They also featured players of the week in which 2 players were chosen and given a donation because of their achievements within the week.

Special Guests

JerryGFL - UK Prime Minister


  • Episode 1 - First Pilot of the new podcast for the eUK. Fun and laughs as Hassan and Roadrunnerspeed get used to recording their first podcast.
  • Episode 2 - Back and better! New name and new style for the eUK's number 1 podcasting duo.
  • Episode 3 - Ereps number one podcasting team get a super star guest. (JerryGFL)
  • Episode 4 - Listen to the duos comments about the lastest news and events.
  • Episode 5 - Fifth Podcast from the eUK's Number 1 podcasting duo providing a funny analysis of the current issues.


The Uncut version provides extra comedy including fun and games where Hassan's parents talk to him about the birds and the bee's. To register for the Uncut version visit: Can You Hear What I Am Saying uncut website


Can You Hear What I Am Saying offered a variety of services:

  • Shout Out Service - For a small fee the podcasting duo would shout out ANY member in the New World. A notable member was mentioned in Episode 3.
  • Advertisement - Again a small fee to advertise any business or party.
  • Promotional Guest - Small fee to join the duo and have a laugh as well as plug your product/newspaper/party.

Be On The Show

Contact via PM in game was need to become a special guest. Requirments: Fluent at English.


During the show the duo once several awards each week:

  • Best Quote on the eUK Forums - The owner of the best quote gets a small financial reward.
  • Member of the Week - For members that have done outstanding work that week. They receive strange foreign currencies to increase their currency collections.


Since Episode 3 the eUK's number 1 podcsating duo had received over 500 unique listeners each week from all over the world, including: Australia, America, Sweden, Brazil and more! One of the most notable listeners has to be alexis bonte (Co-founder of eRepublik) who mentioned on his twitter account