Canadian Armed Forces

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Canadian Armed Forces


Non Nobis Sed Patriae

General Information
Formation August 2009
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Total Soldiers 150+
Commanded by Coolmanos

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are the national military of eCanada. The CAF currently consists of 3 divisions, divided by maxhit with a Q5 weapon: Army (0-1499), Stormtroopers (1500-3000) and Immortals (3000+). All of these divisions follow under High Command's orders.

CAF High Command


CAF in action

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are a globally respected fighting force that prides themselves upon respect and fighting honorabley. The Soldiers in the CAF are to follow a strict Code of Conduct denoting what they should and shouldn't do, failing to follow this Code of Conduct can result in being dishonorably discharged from the army.

A list of members in the CAF can be found in The roster, a list of soldiers enlisted and registered along with their positions.


The CAF at one point consisted of 3 divisions Mobiles, Rangers, and Reserves. Mobiles are soldiers who can move and fight, the main fighting force of the CAF. Reserves would fight in the country when they could, but were unable to leave the country due to congress, being the President, as well as those who were unable to be available often enough to be in the Mobiles. Rangers are the new soldiers, who go through Rangers to get trained on how the CAF operates before moving up to the Mobile divisions. This changed when the update came where you could move no matter what position and the reserves were able to be mobile.

The CAF originally consisted of 3 divisions: Home Guard, Rangers and S.A.S. However, when John Wilkmot took over the CAF as General he combined the Rangers and SAS into 1 platoon as well as disbanding the Home Guard. With this new structure he built the regulars from 10 to 60 members. After 2 months of being General, Bruck stepped in who was General from December 2008 to 5th March 2009. Bruck has grown the CAF from 60 to almost 90 members. The current General is jsboutin and the original General was Alexander Rearden.

Since the rebirth of the CAF in October, it has participated in many operations. Some operations of note are Operation High Tide (Liberation of Australia) and Operation French Toast (Conquest of France). Since eRepublik Rising has been released the Canadian Armed Forces have began to change with the new military module, recently participating in Operation Lucky Charms (The Invasion of the UK) and reinventing themselves by making major changes to communication and membership.

Code of Conduct

While in the Canadian Armed Forces(CAF) your duty is to eCanada above all else. Your duty is to uphold the Code of Conduct at all times regardless of time and place. There are three tenants upon which the CAF is built, Respect, Honour and Loyalty.

Respect 1. All members of the CAF must demonstrate respect for their fellow soldiers and officers, and shall not act in a manner which, in the opinion of High Command, would discredit the CAF. 2. All members of the CAF will respect their opponents in the field, the CAF prides itself upon being an honourable and professional fighting force.

Honour 1. All members of the CAF are bound to act in an honourable manner, to your comrades, commanding officers and most importantly to themselves. 2. All members of the CAF are to honour their opponents and in combat act in an honourable fashion, this includes not flaming enemy combatants in combat or out of combat.

Loyalty 1. All members of the CAF have a duty to eCanada and its people, members must do their utmost to protect Canada at home and its Allies abroad, members are expected to maintain the confidentiality any information vital to the security of eCanada or its Allies at any time during their service.

2. All members of the CAF are to follow the orders of their superiors which are absolute and binding as long as these orders abide to the CAF three tenants. The orders of the President/Prime Minister (Or Vice-president in the event of a Presidential absence) supersede those of the Minister of Defense, the orders of the Minister of Defense supersede those of the General of the Canadian Armed Forces and so on down the chain of command. The members of the CAF have a duty to the CAF first and

3. It is the duty of all CAF members to advise the chain of command if any orders issued countermand the requirement of our three tenants.

History of the CoC:

Created by : 1st Revision: John Wilkmot, 2nd Revision: General Coda, Lt. General JT Vanguard, President Jacobi 3rd Revision: General Coda, General Ramizeth, Lt. General JT Vanguard, Goran Thrax, President

The full Code of Conduct can be found Here

How To Join

CAF Recruitment Poster

To join the Canadian Armed Forces you must;

Live in Canada

Have Canadian Citizenship

After that you just sign up on the Canadian Forums

Request citizenship masking

Post in the CAF sign up thread

And await your message from a higher up!

CAF Avatar Preview

All members of Canadian Armed Forces have to wear one of these two avatars at all times on eCanadian forums and eRepublik.

CAF Avatar
CAF Alternative avatar

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