Canadian Communist Party

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Canadian Communist Party

Party-Canadian Communist Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Abbreviation CCP
Colors Red
Founded December 2013
Dissolved March 2014
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Clan Wolf
Succeeded By Imperial Party
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

Founded out of the remains of the Canadian chapter of Clan Wolf, the Canadian Communist Party was a political party in Canada for several months and the spiritual predecessor to United Front, which was later on transformed into Imperial Party.


The Canadian Communist Party was formed on 16 December 2013 when Pat Harper with the aid of the Military Dictatorship Party successfully politically took over (PTO'd) Clan Wolf and became the new party president. Pat renamed Clan Wolf to the Canadian Communist Party and took up communist symbols and articles to the public. The very first announcement the party made was in support of more war for Canada, and that became the general theme during its first month, calling for direct wars for Canada to participate in. The new party leadership was divided into roughly two groups, the new elites put into power by the PTO, and original members of Clan Wolf who embraced the new changes to the party and its Communist stripes. This wing of the party was lead by Pat Harper, Dr Hugh Jardon, Claire Louise, Wes Lewis and IronToader. However, a large fraction of the new party was opposed to the Communist PTO and tried to reclaim Clan Wolf. This wing of the party was lead by the former Clan Wolf leaders Oinyo, Foxfire, and Punisher 1389.

After failing to retake the party in the January and February party president elections, Clan Wolf was reformed in Ireland by many members. Eventually, in March, Punisher retook the party from the Communists and the CCP was dissolved. Many of the supporters of the Communist faction would later support United Front.

Party-United Front.jpg United Front was Far-Left Libertarian Party run by Prince Sheogorath for some time before ultimately transforming into a new party - the Imperial Party.


The Canadian Communist Party endorsed I-Bleed-Blue-93 of the MDP for president in January 2014. In December 2013, the party gained 6 seats in the Canadian Congress, 5 in January, and 3 in February. Many of these Congressmen were actually members of the MDP who ran under the banner just to get a seat in Congress.