Canadian Freedom Wood

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Canadian Freedom Wood
Logo of Canadian Freedom Wood
Owner NB Pride
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
HeadQuarters New Brunswick
Parent NB Pride
Licenses Canada, Romania
Quality 3
Industry Raw materials
Product wood

Canadian Freedom Wood, formerly NB Forest Products, is the war-time rebranding of a New Brunswick based forestry company.

Before the war, it was an initiative of NB Pride, the group dedicated to building a strong New Brunswick regardless of in-game logic.

As the Third World War progressed, New Brunswick remained one of the last unconquered territories, but jobs in the extraction sector became scarce. NBFP became Canadian Freedom Wood on Day 614. The company offered only minimum wage to its employees, extracting profits from the sale of wood to further the war effort against France. An indication of the dedication of its employees is that the company filled to maximum efficiency less than one day after announcing its changed format.

The company suspended operations while New Brunswick was occupied. On Day 628, following the liberation of NB, PEI, and Nfld in Resistance Wars against the PEACE collaborationist UK, Canadian Freedom Wood recommenced operations. At that time, it was the only Canadian forestry company in operation within Free Canada.

The company has continued its altruistic function by contributing wood to Volunteer to Build a Hospital, and Base Gagetown. It is the primary wood supplier to Kent Homes. It maintains some samll cash flow by selling small amounts on the open market in Canada and Romania.

On Day 917, the company was upgraded to Q3.