Chaos Order

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Chaos Order

Chaos Order.jpg

Through Chaos we bring Order!

General Information
Formation December, 2010
Country Flag-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).jpg Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)
Total Soldiers 18

Chaos Order (Мак. Хаос Ордер) is a Macedonian special paramilitary unit.

The word special is intentionally used because its members are special, with special needs. The main goal of the unit is to protect its home country, Republic of Macedonia and its regions.

Chaos Order was one of the strongest paramilitary units in Republic of Macedonia which had over 200 members, although its pretty much the strangest altogether. Chaos Order had as subbranch called Chaos Cats which consisted from female players.

Structure & Operation

Chaos Order has a hierarchy, as do all.

The Chaos Order adopts a fairly simple structure. It is run by a joint command unit known as Chaos Headquarters which contains all the Commanders. Everyone else is classed as a Soldier.

The first in line in the chain of the hierarchy is THE LAVCAN!



After THE LAVCAN in the line of the Chaos Order hierarchy there are other minions lurking and grinning around. The most noticeable ones being 3954627 the wicked one, Wild O, Tet0ec, Lancelot66 the knight of the rakia, SpiroMkd the grey economist, Mr.Purple, ShadowStalkerr the harsh one, HoLfElDeR the busy bee one, and many others with awkward preferences...

All in all, Chaos Order is here for the fun, the friendship and the spam.


Chaos Order was created by

Wild O,






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