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This is the Charter of the World Organization of Loyalty and Freedom alliance.

Article 0. Preamble

  1. The following union of countries shall be formally named WOLF - World Organization of Loyalty and Freedom.
  2. The countries of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt shall be defined as Founding Members. Any country joining later will be known simply as a “Member Nation.” However, they are entitled to equal rights and privileges within the alliance.
  3. With the exception of Article I and II both Members and Founding Members shall be referred to simply as Members in this Treaty.

Alliance Leadership

Positions will be composed of the following:

  1. Alpha Leader (SC)
  2. Beta Commander (MC)
  3. Omega Diplomat (FA) (MR)

Article I. Membership & Admission

When becoming a member, the applicant nation must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Accept the terms and conditions outlined in this charter.
  2. Be proposed by a founding member for approval.
  3. Receive unanimous approval from the member nations.
  4. Conduct a congressional vote that obtains 66% approval from the voting congressmen.
  5. If the nation’s application is accepted in the alliance, the applicant must pass a trial from 30 to 90 days before becoming full membership.

Article II. Termination and Duties

  1. Duties of an alliance member are as follows:
    1. Member nations could obtain MPP’s with nations of strategic value.
    2. Member nations must contribute to the alliance command structure.
  2. Membership can be terminated:
    1. At the request of the member nation.
    2. At the request of another member.
    3. Such a request requires a 67% vote to expel the nation out-game, and 66% in-game as per game mechanics.
    4. Request of termination for any founder nation can only be submitted by other founder nation supported by the 3rd founder nation, with 67% out-game votes from other member nation in the alliance.
  3. Veto:
    1. The Founder Members have the right to veto an applicant. Veto power lies with the CPs of member countries only and available only during 7 days after the application.
    2. Founder member Nations with a charge in the alliance can veto the nomination of a citizen to a WOLF HQ Position as well as the proposed membership of a nation.
    3. That exclude the nomination done by another Founder Member.

Article III. The pack

The Executive Council shall

  1. Comprise of the CP’s of all member nations
  2. Nominate, vote for, and advise the members of the WOLF HQ as well as the Executive of Public Affairs
  3. Serve as the legislative body of the alliance
  4. Equally represent all countries and carry out all decisions after a debate and vote.

The WOLF HQ shall be made up of the following

  1. Alpha Leader or, in the absence of the Alpha, his/her deputy.
  2. Beta Commander or, in the absence of the Beta, his/her deputy.
  3. Omega Diplomat or, in the absence of the Omega, his/her deputy.

The Alpha Leader

  1. Can be proposed by any member nation, be the citizen of a member nation, and must be approved by 66% of the Round Council in order to take office.
  2. Act as the figurehead of the alliance.
  3. Appoint one deputy.
  4. The deputy shall have the same powers as the Secretary General in the case of his absence.
  5. He/She is the player who saves the points and the decisions of the meetings.
  6. Serve for a term of two months.

The Beta Commander

  1. Can be proposed by any member nation, be the citizen of a member nation, and must be approved by 66% of the Round Council in order to take office.
  2. Appoint one deputy.
  3. The deputy shall have the same powers as the Military Commander in the case of his absence.
  4. He/She is the player who takes care about the orders communication.
  5. Serve for a term of two months.

The Omega Diplomat

  1. Can be proposed by any member nation, be the citizen of a member nation, and must be approved by 66% of the Round Council in order to take office.
  2. Appoint one deputy.
  3. Oversee the publications of the alliance.
  4. Serve a term of two month.


  1. Country President’s cannot nominate themselves for any post in Wolf HQ. They are recognize as Executive Council as defined Article III.
  2. If HQ member is willing to run for Country President he/she will inform HQ respectively, as an immediate effect his/her deputy will be incharge of his/her office till the next HQ election.

Article IV. Diplomacy and Communication


  1. Every nation has to inform the alliance HQ of any diplomatic actions it intends to take towards any non-member nation (This may refer to any NAP/Agreement/Region swap/etc).
  2. Members must not engage in any diplomatic activity that is detrimental towards another member nation in the present or in the near future.


  1. The Public Relations Executive, in conjunction with the WOLF HQ, must establish and maintain IRC Channels & Skype for the organization of the alliance.
  2. All the private alliance channels must have key and only allow registered users.

Article V: Economic Activity

  1. All Members are obligated to follow the following economic protocols:
    1. Each member could appoint an economic representative to the alliance. They must have understanding of economics as they relate to your game and the member nation they represent.
    2. Members must not impose embargoes on other member nations.

Article VI. Military Operations and Aggressive Political Action

  1. Member nations are forbidden to carry out military or political operations against other member nations.
  2. Non-Member nations shall be placed in the following categories.
    1. Friendly Nations: Non-Member Countries that share MPP’s with member nations, close diplomatic ties, or/and take part in joint military and ATO operations.
    2. Neutral Nations: Countries that may or may not have active MPPs with Members for mutual protection but do not otherwise take part in alliance military operations.
    3. Non-trustable Nations: Countries that were previously hostile with a member, but in peace at the present, and could be dangerous in the future.
    4. Hostile Nations: Countries that have open wars with member nations or oppose the alliance’s military campaigns and objectives. This category also includes nations conducting active PTO’s against member nations.

  3. Defense of Member Nations.
    1. Member Nations are obligated to provide defense for other member nations, in the event that they are under military or political attack.
    2. In the case that a non-member friendly, or neutral, nation is being attacked, member nations may provide assistance, as long as it does not prohibit alliance military activity. A vote may be initiated to supply the friendly nation with alliance sponsored defense. That vote must be passed by 67% of all CP’s and WOLF HQ Members.
    3. The help won’t involve weapons supplies nor transport costs.

  4. Aggression by Member Nations:
    1. Any member nation that wishes to conduct an aggressive military action must inform the alliance 48 hours before the plan is put into effect.
    2. In the event of aggression by member nations, an alliance vote may be conducted to determine support of the campaign supported by 66% of member nations. If the vote passes, all members must pledge their support to that campaign.
    3. No Member shall answer calls for assistance from a Hostile or Neutral nation or aid against a fellow Member.

Article VII: Treaty violations and Repercussions

  1. If a Member breaches Article VI, Section 1, the Member Nation attacked by the aggressor is obligated to request a vote to terminate the membership of the aggressor nation. Member status as described in Article II, Section 2, Subsection 3(b).
  2. If a member nation feels as though one of it’s fellow member nations has violated the charter, they may bring this to the Council. After deliberation, the CP’s can vote as to whether the nation has violated the charter. The vote must have 66% approval of all voting CP’s. The accusatory and defending CP’s are not allowed to vote.
    1. The Member that is found guilty of said Treaty violation can choose to either repair the damage caused as decided by the Council or accept a Reprimand.
    2. If a Member collects over 2 Reprimands in the course of 30 days the Head of the Alliance is obligated to request a vote that terminates the offenders Member status as described in Article II, Section 2.

Article VIII: Cancellation, Amendments and Other Provisions

  1. All amendments to this treaty must be approved by a majority of 80%.
  2. This treaty may be dissolved with a majority vote of 80%. After the vote has taken place the treaty will become void after 48 hours.
  3. This contract will remain valid even in the case of any of the signatories being banned or dead.


Initial Charter: Ali Gual & Sparkfyre

Followed By: I-G-D, Lady ita, Mr Edahi, fetgefetgut & St0L3n1