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Ciel Phantom

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Nationality Flag-Austria.jpg Austrian
Date of birth 2 December 2009 Day 720
Date of death 26 February 2010
Residence Carinthia
Sex Male
Newspaper Fusion-Daily
Congress member of Austria
January 2010 – February 2010
Preceded by Oraizan
Party president of National Front Austria
Day 787 – Day 804
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant*.png Lieutenant*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen account suspended for usage of multiple accounts

Ciel Phantom was a citizen of Austria.

Ciel Phantom was a Politician and one of the head leaders in The United Countries Union group.

Ciel Phantom was elected Party president of the National Front Austria. To some Ciel Phantom's views on Republik issues is a rather odd view but also at the same time a view that has been needed for a long time.


  • Day 743 - Ciel Phantom , after past eRepublik experience decided to shorten his career aims and be born in a smaller country to establish his figure first before any other career decisions. The place chosen was ultimately Styria, Austria. Ciel Phantom had chosen this place because he had once been a citizen of Salzburg, Austria in real life and since Styria had the only hospital, it wasn't a hard choice.
  • Day 753 - By now Ciel Phantom had gone through the first grueling week of his life and had become at least experience level ten. Ciel Phantom and his brother SparkusK9 and some friends decided to all pitch in the five gold they had got when reaching experience level six and formed the United Countries Union which is now known for its military.
  • Day 758 - Ciel Phantom migrates to USA for a better war experience as Austria was currently not war active and neither were it's allies.
  • Day 759 - Ciel Phantom migrates to Canada along with UCU Black Ops soldiers to defend fight for EDEN. Ciel Phantom also gets involved to a partial extent in politics and gains friend status with Congress members

Teenage Years

  • Day 760 - Ciel Phantom returns to Austria. Ciel Phantom begins his eRepublik political career by announcing his candidacy for Congress, with an outstanding platform I must say. Ciel Phantom gained many support by way of voting for the articles and raised his subscriptions to thirty eight. On this same day United Countries Union members elected as the Superior Leader.
  • Day 766 - Ciel Phantom wins Congressional elections with the most votes as an individual in Austria and gets right to the point starting a new initiative and publishing as many articles as possible in a period of time

Adult Years

  • Day 770 - Due to problems within the group SparkusK9 assumed control of The United Countries Union while Ciel Phantom became one of the three Secondary leaders. Ciel Phantom was also Military Chief for a short period but during this period, Ciel deployed soldiers in Serbia, Russia, Austria, UK (Belgian colonies), France and Indonesia.
  • Day 787 - Ciel Phantom becomes Party president of the Austrian National Party while at the same time maintaining the duties of a Congress member and still publishing weekly and daily articles.
  • Day 790 - Ciel Phantom launches the biggest United Countries Union operation to date which took place in the United Kingdom, doing over a total of 13000+ damage on the UK's side.

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