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Cimmy Lady.jpg
Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank 1082
Date of birth 04/10/2009
Residence Kanto
Sex Female
Military unit Japanese Imperial Army
Military rank Icon rank Corporal.png Corporal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Cimorenie (Cim) Is just starting out her adult life, so there's not much to her.

Growing Up

Teen Cim.

Cimorenie (Surname unknown) Was born and raised in Japan's Kanto region. She grew up in the outskirts of Yokohama. Her family consists of five brothers (four older, one younger) and her parents. They grew up modestly with little to no money and barely surviving. Her father worked at a small shop in Yokohama's China town, while her mother stayed home with her siblings. She grew up running wild with the boys and when she was old enough to get married, she instead ran off and joined the imperial army. Her parents were devastated but understood her decision.

Work Life

PFC House worker: 4/10/09 - 4/17/09
Aletta F worker: 4/17/09 - 4/23/09
Samurai Food worker: 4/23/09 - 4/NA/09
Zonk Holdings Worker: 4/NA/09 - ???

Military Career

No longerresh blood in Japan's Imperial Army, Cimorenie is currently a Corporal and working hard to gain higher ranks.


Cim is a member of the Godzilla Party.