Corleone Family

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Corleone Family

Corleone Family.png

We must do our duty.

General Information
Disbanded July 03 2018
Country Flag-France.png France
Region Paris Isle of France
Total Soldiers 1
Commanded by Godfather Corleone

"Corleone Family" was a private military unit founded on April 7 2012 by Godfather Corleone and princ487.

The Don (Commander) was Godfather Corleone.

It was private MU (only for Godfather Corleone and people he chose to be in MU).

The military unit was a family.

The military unit was an official military unit of Corleone Family organisation.

The Military Unit was founded in Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova in the time when Godfather Corleone and princ487 had citizenship of Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova.

On June 25 2012 princ487 separated from Godfather Corleone and left military unit.

On January 4 2013 headquarters of Corleone Family was moved to Icon-France.png France.

The Military Unit was under Corleone Family party command and only president of party could give orders.

The official newspapers of Corleone Family military unit were The Corleone's news.

The military unit was disbanded on July 03 2018, following Godfather Corleone's move to Icon-Croatia.png Croatia.

The military unit's motto was : “ We must do our duty.

Icon position party president.gif Commanders

Citizen3304729.jpg Godfather Corleone April 7 2012 - July 03 2018