Corleone Family party

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Corleone Family party

Corleone Family.png
General Information
Country Flag-France.jpg France
National rank 24
Website [1]
Newspaper The Corleone's news
Organization Corleone Family organisation
Colors Black,white and red
Founded October 16 2012
Dissolved July 02 2018
President Godfather Corleone
Members 1
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Anti-Zionism

Corleone Family party was party in Icon-France.png France founded on October 16 2012 and dissolved on July 02 2018, before Godfather Corleone decided to move to Icon-Croatia.png Croatia shortly after.

Party had far-right and totalitarian orientation.

Party ideology was Anti-Zionism.

The party did not recognize so called state of Icon-Israel.png Israel, but recognized state of Icon-Palestine.png Palestine.

The President for Life was Godfather Corleone.

He was serving 69 terms in a row as a president of the party.

He led this party since he founded it.

The party was official political party of Corleone Family organisation.

The party had its military organisation named Corleone Family.

The official newspapers of party were The Corleone's news.

On May 16 2013, the party headquarters was moved from Icon-France.png Corsica to Icon-France.png Paris Isle of France.

Certain potential members were forbidden to join the party and become official members, according to the statute of the party.Any player who had a citizenship of following countries, no matter for how long was forbidden to join the party:

Icon-Israel.png Israel ( not recognized by Corleone Family party )

Icon-Romania.png Romania

Icon-Taiwan.png Taiwan

Icon-Peru.png Peru

In addition, the same rule applied to all players that identify themselves as jews.

There were claims that party promotes Nazism as its ideology, but claims were dismissed by President for Life, Godfather Corleone and it was, simply, stated that the president of the party reserves the right to deny membership to certain players.

Godfather Corleone was a candidate of Corleone Family party for presidential elections in Icon-France.png France on elections held on June 5th 2016.He won 22 votes out of 284, thus winning the support of 7.75% who have voted.He considers this a great success due to the fact that Corleone Family party had only two members at the time, and Godfather Corleone didn't had proper presidential campaign, neither he was lobbying for votes.

Godfather Corleone served one term as Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina and served two terms in a row as a Minister of Foreign Affairs of Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina.He was serving these terms as a representative of Corleone Family party which has good ties with Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The statute of Corleone Family party, in power while the party was still existing, can be found here:

The party's words were: From strong leadership comes unity. From unity comes power.

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents

Citizen3304729.jpg Godfather Corleone October 16 2012 - July 02 2018