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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 1592
Date of birth 8th March 2009
Date of death 2009
Residence Xinjiang, Indonesia
President of Australian United Party
17th April, 2009 – 17th May, 2009
Preceded by Paul Depor
Succeeded by N/A (Party Disbanded)
Military unit Australian Commando Unit Koalas
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Crazyman27 is an Australian who was born on the 9th of March 2009 in South Australia. He is known as a maverick in the eRepublik world and has achieved great success even at his young age. A strong fighter and committed worker, Crazyman is very patriotic towards his homeland of Australia and strives to see Australian success on the economic, politic and militaristic front.

Crazyman27 is currently the leader of the Australian United Party and is the editor of the audacious newspaper, The Adelaide Advertiser.


March 2009

Crazyman27 was born on the 9th of March in the Indonesian-annexed state of South Australia. He quickly learnt of the history surrounding the conquer of South Australia in the great Indonesia-Australia War and instantly wanted to play a part in the return of the Australian territories. Being inexperienced, Crazyman was limited in his options for getting involved in the return of territories so he sat back, read and learnt. It was from this reading that he learnt of the eIndonesian power in the world, and how the best chance for Australia was through democratic agreements.

Crazyman27 continued to gain experience throughout March, fighting consistently in the Indonesian war against Pakistan. He created the Australian newspaper, The Adelaide Advertiser, to inform Australian residents living and working in eIndonesia of the going-ons in Australia. Many of the articles in the AA written by Crazyman27 have the well-known signature CZM27 inscribed at the bottom to ensure there are no imitations. A move to Xinjiang from his beloved South Australia coincided with Crazyman27 joining the Australian United Party in the hope of gaining experience in the world of politics.

April 2009

The beginning of April 2009 was similiar to the end of March, with Crazyman27 continuing to live, work and fight in Xinjiang in eIndonesia. He continued to gain experience, and a move back to South Australia or even Australia to assist in the economy and politics continued to move closer. As April continued, Crazyman27 began campaigning for the Australian United Party through the AA and, following the resignation of party leader Paul Depor, nominated for the leadership of the Australian United Party. Crazyman27 won the election for the leadership of the AUP and took the reigns on the 17th of April.

As April drew to a close, Crazyman27 purchased a quality 4 house for 20 gold and set up the first forums for the Australian United Party.

May 2009

The start of May saw Crazyman27 as a surprise candidate for the May elections for the Presidency of eIndonesia. He had nominated as a candidate but was not aware he would actually be up for election until the day of voting began. Due to this, he was unable to prepare a presentation and suffered the consequences, finishing fifth on 212 votes (6.94%). Early May also saw Crazyman27 continue in his plans to purchase/create a company as a joint owner with good friend Jez-Giraffe. The first step towards making this a reality was the purchase of an organization, Crazy-Jez Industries. When they had obtained enough gold, Crazyman27 and Jez-Giraffe bought a quality one grain company in Western Australia. This turned out to be a good learning experience as they found it was nearly impossible to compete on the competitive eIndonesian grain market and they sold the company. Crazyman27 then made the decision to move Crazy-Jez Industries to eAustralia (his and Jez's homeland) and purchase a quality one food company; Cafe CJ had been born.

The May Party President elections saw Crazyman27 resign as the PP of the Australian United Party, this also signalled the end of the AUP as the party suffered a massive member loss as annexed eAustralian regions were returned. With the extra commitments off his shoulders and the start of the wargames in Australia, Crazyman27 decided in late May to return to his homeland to help Cafe CJ get off the ground. The move to Australia saw Crazyman27 become much more active in the Australian community as he joined the Australian forums and spent more time on the IRC. He also applied to become a member of the new Australian army unit, the Australian Commando Unit Koalas, and was successful in his application, eventually nominating to be a Commander of one of the four squads as June came around.

June 2009

June brought with it a minor struggle, along with it's standard winter chill, for Cafe CJ as the food market became more competitive and the price for quality one food got down as low as 0.88 AUD, after being well above the 1.00 AUD mark only weeks earlier. Crazy-Jez Industries had plenty of money in reserve however, so the idea of going under was never a possibility.

Considering Crazy-Jez Industries was a joint venture with friend Jez-Giraffe, Crazyman27 decided he wanted a private organisation he could use for private ventures. Receiving his second hard-worker medal in early June, Crazyman27 invested the five gold reward into a new organisation, naming it The Hartlett Corporation. In it's early days, THC was used as a grain purchaser for Cafe CJ, flying around the world in search of cheap grain prices.

The cold weather in Australia, and the need for an income boost, forced a move from Crazyman27 back to Xinjiang, Indonesia, on the 4th of July.

It is unknown when this occurred, but he moved back to New South Wales sometime during the later half of the year, and, sometime before December, 2009, was banned for creating mulitple citizen accounts.