Croatian - African UNION

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Croatian - African UNION

General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation CAU
Founded August 2008
Dissolved December 2008 (est)
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Proud Africa
Succeeded By Universal Left
Orientation Center-Left

The Croatian - African UNION (CAU) was a political party in South Africa.

Upon arrival to South Africa, Zocky and his followers created a party called Proud Africa. Once zocky became party president, they contested their first election and they won one mayoral seat. During Presidential elections in September 2008, "Proud Africa" won the election and, zocky became South Africa's president.
After the presidential elections, a new party name was chosen: Croatian - African UNION. The party was dissolved in December 2008.


This party was created for the single purpose: Better the South African Republic! The party members came to South Africa because, at that time, Croatia was not part of the New World. ALL foreigners and also true Africans are welcome. We hope to earn your trust by taking concrete actions, to make SA a better place to be. We are also friends of this country, which we value a lot.
Give us a chance to prove our intentions and good will.
Thank you.


HELLO people of South Africa.
We made our manifesto for better South African Republic. Hope you will like it.
We will not talk about others. This is our manifesto, not article with critics about others. Our manifesto has two parts. Objectives and steps. I think every citizen here knows objectives, but everyone does not know how to make these objectives real . Having only objectives is an empty plan..., every objective must have steps.
Also we made some new ideas that will be useless. But perfect ideas can not be real, if we are not active.
Every citizen must have high wellness, because we can not make productivity without that and then without productivity we have lot of problems.
JOIN party with all members active, and party with great gift program, PROUD AFRICA.

FIRST our introduction This party was created for the single purpose: better SAR.
We hope to earn your trust by taking concrete actions to make SA a better place be.
We are also friends of this country which we value a lot, give us a chance to prove our intentions and good will.

Our answer is our manifesto, let us not argue but help this country. I am also inviting all my members: don't answer on provocations on this article, just leave comments on normal questions.



  • more higher salaries
  • more lower prices
  • stop inflation and deflation also
  • organizing new q4 or q3 companies in all sectors
  • stop import, try to organize export (with trade agreements)
  • try to buy 60 000 ZAR from Indonesia
  • in sectors that we can not have q4 of private owners we will organize country company and we will make special contract with admin because future president will always inherit those companies
  • try to lower unemployment(try because that unemployment is caused by multies)


  • peace
  • more MPPs
  • new hospitals (3hospitals q3 offered to me for price of one q4 hospital, congress will make decision)
  • peace with neighbours
  • make q4 weapons available
  • organizing defense army
  • elite squads who will train in some wars


  • we stand for democracy
  • active mayors
  • make government
  • ministers for all sectors
  • political cooperation with all parties
  • justice
  • constitution against high taxes or printing billions
  • we stand only for healthy ideas of both capitalism and socialism, we refuse communism
  • free market
  • creating national SO accounts
  • because of hard history of this country we stand for all human rights


  • organizing gift program like in our party
  • free voice of every citizen
  • recruiting more members
  • made chat active (software-mIRC, server name-quakenet, room name-esouth)
  • made forum active
  • teacher for newbies
  • lotteries to bring fun and who knows, maybe, luck to some citizen
  • steps to make all citizens interested and active in game


  • make writers for (pay them with zar)
  • make writers that will make economy statistics every week
  • make social writers
  • make spokesperson of government
  • (we already have all these kind of writers some of them publish articles rarely, so we will pay for every article)

Extra Ideas

  • Police for multies (few people who will try to look for inactive citizens or just strange donations and some kinds of multies and will report that to admin, who they will try to work everyday. As you know admin will do nothing without report)
  • Police for foreign people who is new in our country (they will not attack them, they will just ask for them in their previous country if there is something weird.., they will make that public)
  • teachers for newbies (this we really need because a lot of newbies if they don't understand a lot of things they leave the game, this way we will try to keep them in game and make them really good players)
  • secret agents in some countries who are maybe some kind of threat to us
  • as we said lottery (prizes will be maybe gifts, maybe money , maybe house....)
  • media writers
  • national money dealer (national bank SO, a non-profit organization)

Our answer is our manifesto, others don't argue only, help this country. I am also inviting all my members don't answer on provocations on this article just on normal questions.

CAU Party Presidents

CAU Country Presidents