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Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
National rank 1261
Date of birth November 17, 2010
Residence Belgrade, Serbia
Sex Male
Political party eAlternativa
Newspaper eEconomic News
Minister of Economy of Serbia
Minister of Information of Serbia
Military unit Ajkule
Regiment 1st
Position Member
Rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**

CuckoSRB (formerly known as Cucko_mNe89) is a citizen of Icon-Serbia.png Serbia.

Battle hero small.png Achievements

Icon achievement hardworker on.gif x43 Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif x2 Icon achievement battlehero on.gif x80 Icon achievement campaignhero on.gif x4 Icon achievement resistance on.gif x6 Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif x291 Icon achievement society builder on.gif x1 Icon achievement mercenary on.gif x9 Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif x25 Icon achievement freedomfighter on.gif x6

Icon position party member.gif Government Experience

  • Serbian Ministry of Economy x2
  • Serbian Ministry of Information x4

Newspaperlogo.JPG Media Activity

CuckoSRB's newspaper are eEconomic News. He writes economic analyzis, analyzis of new updates introduced in eRepublik and stuff like that.

Military icon normal.png Military Unit

CuckoSRB is proud member of 1st Regiment of military unit Ajkule. He is an official member of MU for few months.

Icon - Congress.jpg Policital Activites

CuckoSRB is proud member of eAlternativa. He was never chosen as Country President or Congress Member.