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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Curns SO
Logo of Curns SO
Owners Clifford Burns, Walther Rathenau & Partner
Country Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
Headquarters Deutschschweiz
Subsidiaries Curns Metals
Curns News
Curns+ SO
Curns Standard Oil
Q3 + 4 licenses
Swiss International Air Lines
Zweifel Pomy-Chips
Founded 10 September, 2009
Founders Clifford Burns & Saturo
Industries Manufacturing, Media & Raw materials
Products Food, Iron, Moving ticket, Oil & Weapon
Colours Black & White

The Curns SO alias Curns Group was an international concern with headquarters in Switzerland. The consortium had eight companies in Greece, Serbia, Spain and Switzerland and employed total of 80 employees in manufacturing and raw industries.


Since the Curns Group leads an aggressive expansion course, Curns SO on 12 January 2010 split in two divisions Curns SO and Curns+ SO.[1]


On 25 March 2010 listed the Curns Group under the symbol CUP 4.000 shares with nominal value of 0.25 Gold/Share on the ERepublik Stock eXchange (ERX).[2]


Since August 11, 2010 the dividend payment will be based of the Curns Shareholder Rights (CSR) system:

  1. The Curns Shareholder Rights (CSR) regulates the dividend payment of the CUP shares.
  2. After every month report, all shareholders will be recorded with their profile name and number of CUP shares.
  3. If a dividend payment will be decided, all sharehodlers are able until 7 days send a request for their right of dividends.
  4. As reference for the dividend payment serves the point 2. After 7 days expires the claim of dividend payment automatic.
  5. Request of dividend payment can be sent via Mail, via Curns IRC Channel or direct to the co-owner.

On September 16, 2010 communicated the Curns Group a second IPO with the Symbol RICH.[3] The listing was on September 18, 2010 successful with 4000 RICH shares realized.


Date Country Industry Company Name
11.08.2009 Switzerland Q1 Moving ticket Swiss International Air Lines
10.01.2010 Switzerland Q1 Weapon Mowag [4]


Date Country Industry Commentary New trademark Trade licences
24.09.2009 Spain Iron Q1 from Holding asturmadrid Curns Metals.jpg Curns Metals Icon-China.png China, Icon-Iran.png Iran, Icon-Russia.png Russia, Icon-Serbia.png Serbia, Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland & Icon-USA.png USA
03.12.2009 Mexico Oil Q2 from dynysy [5] Curns Standard Oil.jpg Curns Standard Oil Icon-Greece.png Greece, Icon-Mexico.png Mexico, Icon-Spain.png Spain, Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland & Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela
19.12.2009 Switzerland Food Q3 from Willy Brandt Foundation [6] Zweifel Pomy-Chips.jpg Zweifel_Pomy-Chips; upgrade to Q4 on 01.05.2010 and then to Q5 on 04.06.2010 Icon-Hungary.png Hungary, Icon-Romania.png Romania, Icon-Spain.png Spain, Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland & Icon-USA.png USA
27.07.2010 Switzerland Moving Ticket Q3 by Walther Rathenau

Business Portfolio

The Curns Groups was besides the the raw and manufacture industries in more business fields active.


The Curns Group was a leading consulting center for military, politics and economy.


The Curns Group has a internal public relation department and get orders also for extern customers. Since September 23, 2010 marketed the Curns Group especially for articles so-called votes and subscription services with a maximum capacity up to 800 VS. This high VS-Volume catapulted the Curns Group overnight to leading PR-Service Enterprise with strong influence of the international media.

Investment Bank

The Curns Group has since his foundation operating successfully in various investment business. However the requirements for the investment banking are increased was the department detached from Curns SO and the Division for International Exchange & Yield (DIXY) founded. About the Division and its employees is relatively not much known except that they have one or more independent organization.

Date CEO Commentary
10.09.2009 Isy Entry
20.11.2009 Isy Retired [7]
24.11.2009 Isy Entry [8]

Since May 2010 manage the Curns Group a own exchange for Credit Default Swaps (CDS), called Credit Default Swaps Exchange (CDSX) and operate as single issuer. For the CDS commercialization works some licensed agents for one's own account or by order of the Curns Group. For the last, earn the agents a commision per closed transaction.

Change of Leadership

The Curns Group had several leadership changes since its founding.

Date Name Commentary
23.09.2009 Mineau Entry
09.10.2009 Pascal Couchepin Entry
30.10.2009 Saturo Retired (Death)
14.01.2010 Saturo Entry (Reanimation)
19.01.2010 Saturo Retired (Death)
23.02.2010 Pascal Couchepin Retired (Unqualified)
00.00.2010 Mineau Retired (Death)
27.07.2010 Walther Rathenau Entry[9]

Business Reports


  1. Curns Group split in two divisions
  2. IPO March 2010
  3. Anniversary & Emitting
  4. Mowag founded
  5. Acquisition: Oil
  6. Acquisition: Food
  7. DIXY CEO is retired
  8. Last DIXY CEO is back
  9. New Co-Partner