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Curttannia Times

General Information
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Owner CheetahCurtis
Founded December 16th 2011
Subscribers 451
Articles 50
Content Guides, Economics, Politics, Games

Curttannia Times is a newspaper published by CheetahCurtis in the United Kingdom. The newspaper mainly focuses on warfare analysis throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, but guides and interviews also commonly appear.

Common Articles

Common articles for the Curttannia Times include interviews, the most voted being the interview with Eno Live, warfare analysis and advice, such as using weapons and saving bazookas, and general tips. Curttannia Times generally focuses on analysing the wars on the United Kingdom.


Curttannia Times has only published a few interviews at the moment. The first was an interview with Eno Live, the 4th highest ranked eUnited Kingdom citizen at the time. This interview included questions asking about Eno Live's time throughout eRepublik and his political party.[1] Other playrs have been interviewed in the Curttannia Times, with political friends of CheetahCurtis being the most common.

Advice For Citizens

The main focus of the Curttannia Times when first published was to give advice to newer players, as this is the reason for the founding on the newspaper. The first article, about gaining health for battle easier was published in day 1,487 and gave advice on buying the cheapest health and how to get a little extra health. Since then, more articles have been published to help newer players, such as how to use weapons efficiently and training effectively.

Warfare Analysis and Advice

Since the newspaper was founded during the time of the eUnited Kingdoms first ever wipe, it was fitting to review all the battles going on. Curttannia Times gave facts about the battles that the eUnited Kingdom faced against Ireland, Canada and France. Curttannia Times is now one of the most frequent publishers of United Kingdom warfare statistics in the country, releasing articles during every major conflict in the country. European warfare is also commonly written about in the Curttannia Times.

Top Curttannia Times Articles

Only articles with over 40 votes are included

Headline Votes Release Date
War Over France[2] 157 21st June 2012
Free Food For All[3] 149 26th May 2012
The eUK Situation - Day 1639[4] 131 16th May 2012
3 Greatest European Empires[5] 106 28th May 2012
The eUK and It's Enemies[6] 67 11th March 2012
Why We Need Poland[7] 66 3rd September 2012
eUnited Kingdom Options[8] 65 30th July 2012
Questions and Answers on the Irish Peace Deal[9] 62 18th June 2012
Blame The Bomb - France[10] 54 3rd June 2012
The Basics Of Fighting[11] 54 18th May 2012
eUK Gains London... So Don't Start Resistance Wars[12] 50 21st March 2012
Victory on the Horizon for eUK[13] 44 24th June 2012
eUnited Kingdom Compared to Populated Countries[14] 43 21st January 2012
Cost of Getting a BH and CH Medal[15] 42 9th June 2012
Prime Ministers Question Time with jamesw[16] 41 20th June 2012


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