DAL Social Programs

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DAL Social Programs
Logo of DAL Social Programs
Owner Democratic Action League
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Founded A long time ago
Founder Lan Macness
Services Helping out new players
Colours Blue & White
Website DAL Forums

DAL Charity

A program dedicated to helping out new players that works hand in hand with the DAL Mentor Program. The DAL Charity gives new players food and sometimes even houses after they send DAL Charity a message.

The program from time to time also assists the Canadian military groups, such as The Crimson Order and the Canadian Armed Forces. As well as sending funds to the actual government in times of need.

DAL Mentor Program

The Mentor Program provides those that request it a way forward with sound advice and answers to questions. The Mentor Program paired with the DAL Charity has provided new Canadians with a solid foundation in which to build a successful Canadian life with; it’s basically a great head start.

more information can be found here