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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 494
Date of birth 21 March 2009
Date of death December 2009
Residence Ural
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Personal Information

D_NazGUL was born on April 03, 2009 in the Aegean region in Turkey. His death was discovered in December 2009.

The main reason for why he chose this region was the simple thought of helping out his country men in creating a state of they own. Even though a lot of people embraced D_NazGUL as their own and helped him in finding his way in the New World, he decided that the time for action has not come yet and that firstly he had an obligation to become a more powerful and influential eCitizen before he can help in creating Macedonia. So because of the state of the economy of Turkey at that time, he packed his belongings and decided to leave his birth place and to find his luck elsewhere.

After some drifting and moving from one place to another suddenly he got mail from a fellow country man Nikolce [1], who at the time was a part of the government in Russia, to come and settle in Kaliningrad, Russia what is exactly what he did. Russia became his home and with a lot of help from his new friend Nikolce [2] he managed somehow and begun to work for a better future.