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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 486
Date of birth 21st August 2010
Residence Icon-Indonesia.png Java
Sex Male
Political party More Beer Party
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dartreal is an eAustralian Citizen born on Day 639. He has served on three cabinets and is well known for his newspaper The Word Down Under - which contains satire articles, humourous interviews and a range of comics including the eRepublik eHistory eComic series.

In The Beginning

Dartreal arrived on eAustralia determined to become a productive member of the country. Slowly he leveled up and when he was able to make a newspaper, he bought one and named it "The Word Down Under". Dartreal wanted to bring some humour into eAustralia and aimed at making articles that would get people to have a laugh or crack a smile.

Soon he decided to try out politics and see how he could go. He stepped into the new political party Erepublik Alliance. He was looking forward to being a part of the radical new group that had rocked the foundations of eAustralia with their blunt, game mechanic policies. He was made Vice Party President when Derek Apollyon was the Party President. When Derek left the party Dartreal assumed control of eRepublik Alliance, aiming to bring some much needed activity to the party which had slowed down alarmingly shortly after its creation.

Shortly after Dartreal decided to leave the political scene feeling that he didn't like the labels people often associated with parties. Becoming party-less allowed him to give his opinions freely without being accused of having a bias opinion. Since leaving eRepublik Alliance, Dartreal isn't looking to join any political party in the future.

Cabinet Terms

Minister of Newbie Relations - Jan 2010.

In January 2010, Dartreal wanted to help eAustralia out more. He offered his services to Cottus Arci who was running for Prime Minister at the time. Cottus Arci appointed Dartreal as the Deputy Minister of Newbie Relations: a position that would take care of the educating of new players. When the Minister of Newbie Relations Mark Sanchez was hacked, Dartreal became the Minister of Newbie Relations and continued his work. He was involved in having videos made by James Costen as well as heavily promoting the eOlympics. He even began plans on starting a potential Baby Boom for eAustralia.

Minister of Baby Booming - Feb - March 2010.

In February 2010, Cottus Arci was elected once more as the Prime Minister of eAustralia. This time, Dartreal was made the Minister of Baby Boom. The first half of the term he focused on gathering ideas together with a group of interesting eAustralian citizens. The second half of the term saw Dartreal begin the push for the Baby Boom. From the efforts of himself and those helping him, the Department of Baby Boom managed to get in over 600 new eCitizens.

In March 2010, Cerb was elected as the Prime Minister of eAustralia and asked Dartreal to be the Minister of Baby Booming once again. Dartreal accepted knowing that he had more ideas that still needed to be launched. With a new team assigned to him, Dartreal worked on more ideas and getting a bit more aggressive with promoting. So far, over 1200 new citizens have joined eAustralia through the Department of Baby Booming's efforts. Dartreal also assumed the responsibility of contacting all new citizens who are born in eAustralia, providing them with information to help them out.

The Word Down Under

Dartreal's newspaper is The Word Down Under. The newspaper includes:

  • Satire Articles.
  • Dinner & Discussion with Dartreal, a humourous interview with various eAustralians and eCitizens from around the world.
  • Comics, including the eRepublik eHistory eComic series that focuses on "retelling" the histories of countries in eRepublik.