Dasaron Moonflame

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Dead citizen

Dasaron Moonflame

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
National rank 273
Date of birth 5th February 2009 (Day 443 of the New World)
Date of death December 2010
Residence Tasmania
Sex Male
Faith Atheist
Military rank Icon rank Captain***.png Captain***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dasaron Moonflame was a citizen of Australia. He was born in February 2009, and he died in December 2010.


Work Career

Dasaron Moonflame has not been a citizen of the new world for as long as some, but has worked long and hard to contribute to the society that surrounds him. Working a variety of jobs on the land, he has settled down at a company known as 'Boomerang Beer', owned by Preclimax Holdings.

From an early age, Dasaron Moonflame has known of the troubles that exist between Indonesia and Australia. A great and terrible war had resulted in the conquering of all the Australian territories, and to that day only New South Wales and Victoria had been liberated, and only by the painstakingly slow and delicate hand of diplomacy. When young Dasaron came of age, he chose a job working off the land owned by the company VhacGrain. Although the pay was okay, he woke up one morning to find that the company had run out of funding. Being impatient and frustrated, he left to join an XGE Woodmill company, but found that his skills on the land did not qualify him for manufacturing work. Disappointed and unemployed, he returned home to search the newspaper.

While he sat at his desk, poring over the day's paper, he struck gold! A corn flakes company was hiring workers, and paying well. Leaping out of his chair, he charged out the door and down the street to get a job. After signing up however, he soon realised how difficult it was to work in a higher quality company, with poor sustenance. The pay, therefore, was not good enough to sustain him either. He quietly resigned three days later, and ended up unemployed again. This did not last long, however, and he found an advertisement in 'Wild Oats' - owned by an organisation called Preclimax Holdings. By this time, his skills were far more impressive than when he took his first job, and found a job with excellent pay. Despite the good quality food production skills that were required, he had been able to sustain himself.

Sometime after joining up with this company, Preclimax Holdings was hit with a monetary shortage, caused by a financial crisis, and had to liquidate the company. After going from job to job and being turned down due to the crisis, Dasaron soon discovered another company that was also owned by Preclimax Holdings, one with better foundations. Dasaron was welcomed by the chairman, Crazy Quilt Lady, and regained a good, solid income. He is now valued as one of the company's biggest workers, having become highly skilled from previous jobs.

With the tensions in the New World Rising, he redeployed to Boomerang Beer. From there he continued to shuffle around in other Preclimax Holdings companies, but was driven out by the hard times of the Indonesian Takeover when the company had to sell a company to recover from substantial losses.

Political Career

Not too long after joining the new world, Dasaron Moonflame, whilst still working for VhacGrain, discovered the recent founding of the Australian Communist Party. Being a believer in Socialism himself, he enthusiastically joined. He signed up to the forum and has been making contributions where he can since. The Communists, Socialists, and Marxists of the New World aim to make it work and avoid any problems that occurred in the unfortunate history of the USSR in the Old World. Despite being sent offers to join other political parties numerous times, he still remained a supporter of the ACP.

However, a change in political ideology, as well as ACP membership, caused him to drop from his long-held post as a member. Since then, the constant threat and actual eventuality of an Indonesian Political Takeover plunged Australia into a deep time of hardship. Using cowardly cloning devices, the Indonesians were able to control over 66% of the Senate, and also hold the Presidency. They then began sending money and resources over to the real Indonesia and continued to cripple Australia. With this threat choking the once proud and free nation that he loved, Dasaron joined the Australian Military Party and ran as a blocker for the Senate in order to keep infiltrators out.

Military Career

For most of his early life, Dasaron Moonflame did not take active involvement in military service. This changed when Australia began distancing itself from Indonesia and becoming more independent and involved in world affairs. The call for more soldiers to protect Australia from ever being invaded again was sent out, and Dasaron answered it. From then on, he regularly fought overseas to assist Australia's allies and protect her interests. Although not a member of the official military, he fought all the same. Soon, when he was a Lieutenant, the time came when all the training and building of Australia's military paid off, and when Brazil launched a sudden invasion, capturing the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Dasaron was one of the many soldiers who solidly held the line in South Australia and Queensland against the numerous days of assaults by the determined Brazilian strikeforce. Finally, the enemy stalled, and the Australian Army counterattacked, brilliantly pushing them off Australia's shores once and for all, whilst Dasaron stayed behind to provide aid. Soon afterwards, Dasaron was awarded the rank of Captain, and continued to fight for Australia overseas in assisting her allies, just as they assisted her when the enemy was on the doorstep. As a part of the plan for 1000 Fold Bay, he relocated to Western Australia in order to strengthen the border of the country.

With tensions in the New World Rising, life has became harder and wars more intense. With the fresh equipment and flexibility available in combat, Indonesia once again invaded Australia, with a bloody battle for Western Australia. Australia solidly forced back, barely holding the territory near it's garrison zone. Brave heroes like Gareth Irwin and Patti11 led the way, taking back Perth time and time again, only to be overcome as the reinforcement route was swiftly cut off. By the time that this new age had emerged, Dasaron had risen to the rank of Colonel. He too attacked with the heavy armour, only to be constantly driven back again by stiff Indonesian resistance. Shortly after this heavy defeat, Australia was infiltrated and taken over by Indonesian spies, who used cloning machines to flood the polling booths with votes for puppet candidates. Australia entered the darkest age since the Indonesian Invasion, with the economy and politics of the country being choked out by the invaders.