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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth July 10th, 2010
Date of death End of 2011 (est)
Residence London, United Kingdom
Newspaper The Daily i
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

deVillefort was a citizen of the Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom and Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand.


Early History

deVillefort joined eRepublik at the start of V2 in South East England just after the election of Iain Keers as CP. After reading his first article, deVillefort joined the army on his first day. Joining the army also meant that he joined both the forums and IRC very early on and so found the rest of the UK community. After joining the RFA, deVillefort found a friendly and active group of people and started posting regularly and contributing where he could. During his time in the RFA, deVillefort made some good friends including GGRyan, DarkMantle and Emergy Maxfell.


United Kingdom

After taking all the ministry jobs he could find, deVillefort ran for Parliament in August under the RFA. A weird malfunction with eRepublik, deVillefort luckily made it as one of an extra seven congressman who never should have got through.

deVillefort slowly grew more and more active within the RFA and found himself in a position to take on the role of Party President on September 15th. At this point, he also took over as Minister of Recruitment while it was a department under the MoHA. During his term as Party President, GGRyan was successful in his CP campaign and became the first CP from the RFA in over a year.

After the end of his PP term, deVillefort started to lose interest in the game and went inactive for a couple of weeks.

New Zealand

deVillefort's primary party while in New Zealand was the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party

deVillefort went to New Zealand on its first day and he had put his name down for the Congress primaries, which he won. He came 27th with 11 votes in New Zealand's very first congress election.

After a couple of weeks, deVillefort came back to eRepublik, however, felt like he needed a change. A great opportunity came when 6 new countries were introduced to the game and one of them was New Zealand. When deVillefort joined New Zealand it was already obvious that the new country was not going to have an easy start. Two groups were fighting for control of the country, both claiming to be the true inhabitants. One group was mainly from English speaking countries such as the USA, Canada and the UK. Meanwhile, the opposing group was made almost entirely from ex- Serbian and Slovenian citizens. Along with members such as Thingol, Albert Neurath and Thomas765, deVillefort helped establish the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party, the right-wing party in New Zealand and nowadays seen as the main ATO party against the Serbian Group.

At the second CP elections Don KronoX and the Aotearoa party gained a landslide victory over the ATO group and deVillefort was made Minister Of Foreign Affairs. Unfortunately, this also caused most of the opposing parties’ members to leave and the PnPP made plans to move abroad. At this point, deVillefort felt that is was time to head back to the UK where he belonged. However, deVillefort still continues his FA work from abroad and recently helped the country make steps towards New Zealand joining Phoenix.

Return to the United Kingdom

On returning to UK, deVillefort chose not to rejoin the RFA but to move to the UKRP. He ran for Congress on the December elections and succeeded.

Congress Elections

deVillefort has been a Congressman 6 times during his time on eRepublik, twice in New Zealand and two times in the United Kingdom. The final two terms are unknown with who and when did he serve.

Country Month Region Votes Rank Party Congress
Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom August 2010 Yorkshire & Humberside 4 21 Party-Radical Freethinkers Alliance.jpg RFA Yes
Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom September 2010 Yorkshire & Humberside 3 47 Party-Radical Freethinkers Alliance.jpg RFA No
Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand October 2010 Wellington 11 27 Party-Super Sweet 16 Party.jpg SS16P Yes
Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand November 2010 Otago 9 30 Party-Peace 'n' Prosperity Party v3.jpg PnPP Yes
Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom December 2010 East of England 3 25 Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png UKRP Yes


deVillefort started out in 5th Regiment Royal Artillery. However soon after this, the Army reformed and all privates under economy level 6 were moved to the ATR (Army Training Regiments). deVillefort was soon moved up into 40th Regiment under the command of CBFry. After getting on well with the very small number of other regiment members deVillefort moved up to the rank of Major under the Lt.Col Huate Allapies. deVillefort then applied to become a Lt.Col in the Army TC and ended up being the CO of the reg he had started in.

On moving to New Zealand, deVillefort was made Lt. in charge of Platoon K- All Blacks. However this never really kicked off as the New Zealand military was troubled by various issues until it was finally disbanded the next month only to be setup again in the following days. When deVillefort went back in the eUK he become a member of the autobots.


deVillefort has been a member of the following three parties:

Party-Radical Freethinkers Alliance.jpg Radical Freethinkers Alliance

Party-United Kingdom Reform Party.png United Kingdom Reform Party

While deVillefort was a member of the United Kingdom Reform Party, in December 2010, he won a seat in the House of Commons.

Party-Peace 'n' Prosperity Party v3.jpg Peace 'n' Prosperity Party

This was deVillefort's true party allegiance whilst in New Zealand, he set up the party IRC and was elected as the primary candidate for the party presidential elections. However, he decided to opt out and left the party behind in New Zealand while he returned to the United Kingdom.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x7)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x6)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x7)