Demokratik Halk Cephesi

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Demokratik Halk Cephesi

Party-Demokratik Halk Cephesi.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
Abbreviation DHC
Forum [1]
Colors Red, White, Black
Founded March 2009
Dissolved August 2010
President SpreXX
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Ulusal Parti
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Marxist-Leninist

Before the foundation of DHC, the party members were organized under the banner of the Communist Party of Turkey. Believing that it harms the reputation of real-life Communist Party, they changed the name to Demokratik Halk Cephesi, meaning People's Democratic Party. The Party, at first, was a minority, struggling to be in the first 5 parties of the nation. But later, it become one of the biggest parties in Turkey, and in May 2009 got 147 votes in presidential elections, missing the presidency for only 17 votes.

Party Program

1. Economic Structure

- People's Democratic Front sees owning property in production areas as the main reason for inequality in a society, and advocates economic plans in order to lessen the inequality in the society.

- As a socialist organization within itself, leadership of DHC organizes and operates state companies, advocating equality between every single worker in the state organizations.

- Companies excluded from state organizations are supported if it is beneficial to the state's current situation. But in situations that private organizations lack to offer products in world market prices, state can interfere with the market.

- State is organized according to the work force and the natural resources of the country for industrialization and development. According to this principle, central treasury may invest in the areas that is necessary for the country.

- After the necessary amount of money is spared for the development of the collectivist organizations, rest of the total value from the production is shared between the workers.

- Assuming that the private organizations would not employ 0 skilled workers, state companies are always obliged to have 0 skill job offers, and state provides food for beginners.

2. Political Structure

- Leadership of the country is organized as a democracy.

- People's Democratic Front secures the democratic rights of every social or political ideology and opinion, and PDF creates such political organs in order to satisfy democratic needs of the people.

- PDF defends that every single citizen has the right to work, eat, own a house and acquire guns for wars. The state is obliged to meet such demands.

- All of the state officials shall be informed about the state's affairs regularly by media. Organizations are/will be created in order to satisfy this issue.

- Justice system is entirely separate from the political system.

- Everyone is equal in eTurkish Republic regardless of their race or ethnicity. PDF leadership takes cautions not to let any kind of racist, chauvinist and oppressive actions, unlike the previous capitalist regimes of Turkey.

- PDF is in aware of that every single newbie in eRepublik needs a teacher, and PDF is responsible to welcome the newcomers.

3. Basic Liberties - DHC supports and values basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, and regards freedom of expression and propaganda and union rights as indispensable.

- It is the duty of all DHC members to stand against any idea that would undermine the liberties of people and hinder economic and democratic development of the country.

- Discrimination based on ethnicity or nationality will not be tolerated.

4. Fundamental Goals

- The fundamental objective of DHC is the organization of a democratic e-Turkey.

- The creation of an e-Turkey where all citizens of all ethnicities live together peacefully is amongst the primary goals of DHC.

- DHC will base its policies on the principle to achieve a socialist and democratic e-Turkey and will propagate its doctrine accordingly.

- DHC will not hesitate to use all available resources to create a country of equality, liberty and democracy.

A non-profit organization, Halkuretim

DHC members, seeing the need for a non-profit organization, a commune, founded the first socialist experiment of Turkey, called Halkuretim. Halkuretim gives the Minimum wage to its workers.

The system works like this:

The number for gift and tickets changes since the need for gifts and tickets differs from a worker to worker.

Party March

DHC's March - Geliyoruz Zincirleri Kira Kira (We are coming breaking our chains)

Party presidents

This is the list of known party presidents:

* The PP with this mark become president when elected party president resigned from its post.