Det Norske Forsvaret

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Det Norske Forsvaret


"Alt for Norge"

General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Total Soldiers 226
Commanded by taulen

Det Norske Forsvaret (EN: The Norwegian Armed Force) is the largest and main military unit of Norway. It has more than 200 members, and has over 2000 kills per day. Despite to the high PTO danger in Norway, Det Norske Forsvaret does not have to struggle with this. Det Norske Forsvaret evolved from Telemark Bataljonen.

Media Central

Det Norske Forsvaret is always where the government and new players meet, and support each other! This sort of decreases the work of the Minister of Immigration. It's also a formidable place to share your articles and other interesting information!


Avatar Nickname Rank
taulen Commander
Fredrikz.jpg fredrikz Second Commander
Stakerauo2.jpg Stakerauo Second Commander
Delerium90 Second Regiment Captain
Freke.jpg Freke Third Regiment Captain
50px Njall Archaeon Fourth Regiment Captain
50px Ignoramus Fifth Regiment Captain
50px Ursidae Polar Seventh Regiment Captain