Det Norske Forsvaret

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Det Norske Forsvaret


"Alt for Norge"

General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Total Soldiers 59
Commanded by taulen

Det Norske Forsvaret (EN: The Norwegian Armed Force) was the largest and main military unit of Norway. It had more than 200 members, and had over 2000 kills per day back at the time and it was consisted of two units which were merged into it sometimes at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013.

Heimevernet.png Heimevernet
Forsvarets Spesialkommando.jpg Forsvarets Spesialkommando - an elite unit

Today unit has 8 active regiments.

Media Central

Det Norske Forsvaret is always where the government and new players meet, and support each other! This sort of decreases the work of the Minister of Immigration. It's also a formidable place to share your articles and other interesting information!


Avatar Nickname Rank Period
Citizen66571.jpg taulen Commander 2012 - Present
Citizen3908100.jpg fredrikz Second Commander 2012-Unknown
Citizen4782913.jpg Stakerauo Second Commander 2012-2014
Citizen3908100.jpg fredrikz Captain - 1st Regiment 2012-Present
Citizen4927829.jpg Delirium90 Captain - 2nd Regiment 2012-Unknown
Unknown Person.jpg Joshua Morriseau Captain - 2nd Regiment Unknown - Present
Citizen2797979.jpg Freke Captain - 3rd Regiment 2012-Present
Unknown Person.jpg Njall Archaeon Captain - 4th Regiment 2012-Unknown
Unknown Person.jpg Vileskont Captain - 4th Regiment Unknown - Present
Unknown Person.jpg Ignoramus Captain - 5th Regiment 2012-Unknown
Unknown Person.jpg Plingtingtong Captain - 5th Regiment Unknown - Present
Unknown Person.jpg Ursidae Polar Captain - 7th Regiment 2012-Unknown
Unknown Person.jpg zanman8 Captain - 7th Regiment Unknown - Present
Unknown Person.jpg Blixat Captain - 8th Regiment Unknown - Present