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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth May 24, 2009
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence Karnataka, USA
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early Life

Dimension was born into the eWorld on May 24, 2009. His first taste of eRepublik with the bit of mudslinging going on there. His mentor, whose name escapes him at the moment, encouraged him to move to either Florida or New Jersey because of something he called a 'q5 Hospital.' Knowing little of game mechanics at the time, his mentor sent him a q1 ticket and got him to Florida.

Joining the MI

Dimension joined the Mobile Infantry, he thinks, on June 12th under the direction of Ma'am Raquel Ferreira. He was encouraged to enlist by his mentor, and thank goodness not through the welcome message that encouraged him to join a very defunct TD. He skipped the 'pleasantries' of TD and directly joined the Wardogs, or as most know them, Bravo Four.

Moving up the Ladder

About 2 weeks into joining the MI, Dimension was approached on the IRC by Astron.

I've been looking for you.
How'd you like to get your own platoon?
(Astron greeting Dimension)
(Dimension's reply)

Sadly, this story didn't have a good middle, but it did end well. He was encouraged to sign up for promotion through the official application document, and when he asked Astron whether or not he needed to wait for Ma'am Raquel to give him the okay to get his own platoon, Astron replied yes. Later that night, after Dimension had sent a PM to Ma'am Raquel on both the forums and in-game, he was informed that Issues didn't care about the form and he was being immediately promoted to LT of the Bravo Sevens. Ma'am Raquel was not happy that Dim had been pulled from beneath her feet. She blamed it on Astron and immediately quit. Luckily, she rejoined later and was LT of one of the platoons.

The Lucky Sevens

He came into the Lucky Sevens a little wet behind the ears. Dimension had been yanked from Bravo Four with a very little warning and the only training he received was what he got from reading the Officer Training Guide while being given the fastest tour of a google doc he'd ever received, by the lovely Issues. Those were a few weeks when he learned everything important about the MI.

Consequently, this platoon has the most ex-LT's serving as senior officers in the MI.

Ex-CO's of B7:

loftedraptor's Dissent

As some of you will know, in the third week of July 2009, the Ex-General of the Mobile Infantry, loftedraptor, got a little tipsy and felt like the MI wasn't being treated correctly. He issued an order to move to Ukraine, which Dimension passed onto his platoon. On a side note: All of his members moved before citizenship was implemented. This made Dimension rethink whether he wanted to continue playing this dang game.

Promotion to QM

After a few weeks into being the Lieutenant of the Bravo Sevens, Dimension coerced Issues to promote him to a QM position inside the MI. He became the Bravo QM, after much begging and pleading of Jimmy Olsen to change to the Charlie QM position. He was also QM alongside Sakyo, under the command of awesomo6000.

Promotion to QMG

Awesomo6000 resigned due to RL issues, Issues resigned due to... getting DD'd, Sakyo left with Issues, Maelyn, Enoch Root, and SVV and Jimmy Olsen... went to JAG. That left Dimension. Dimension was promoted to QMG under Deificus which he held for a while.


According to Dimension, this is the friends' list:

  • Therose who he met when Dimension was promoted to B7 and Therose was promoted to B1, both shoved into the positions.
  • Issues who he met when Dimension was Lt of B7 and Issues was Support Command. Dimension looked up to Issues and was glad to be able to serve under Issues.
  • Enoch Root, Dimension first meet Enoch when he invested Icon-gold.gif 20 GOLD into the Euca fund, but Dimension first looked up to Enoch when he found out Enoch was resigning from the MI because Enoch's personal beliefs were more important. Dimension was glad to serve under Enoch in the role of Trader for eNOVA. Sadly, RL took its toll and Dimension was not able to continue trading for Enoch.
  • Maelyn, who Dimension first met when he got on the IRC for the first time. Maelyn was... outspoken. Dimension does not really know how or why they grew so close together, but he was glad they did.
  • Soji, for who Dimension is not sure if Soji considered him a friend, but Dimension consider Soji as one. Dimension first heard of Soji when he was looking for a Sergeant for Bravo Seven. He looked at the Officer application form and Soji had NINE endorsements. Dimension snagged Soji up, and sadly, when couger found out Soji agreed to be an officer, he snagged Soji up. In 3 days Soji outranked the person who first promoted Soji. However, in another 6 days, that was reversed again. Soji was later back under therose.
  • Polluxe, who Dimension didn't get to know well, but... Dimension couldn't leave Lor out of this. Lor Lor Lor...
  • Deificus, who Dimension considered to be a great Commander and was glad to serve under.

Side-note about eNOVA

eNOVA was chartered to help eNations regain their original regions along with helping them out with other projects. Dimension joined eNOVA as soon as he first heard about it, and found his 'in' when he heard they were looking for a Tech Adviser. Dimension had become proficient with IRC and knew enough about forums to help out around there. He moved up in rank, and was part of, as JO call it, the triumvirate of eNOVA. Ananias, Jimmy Olsen, and Dimension were the main leaders of eNOVA.