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Dead citizen


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Nationality Flag-Italy.jpg Italian
Date of birth 14 December 2007
Date of death 2010
Residence Abruzzo
Sex male
Mayor of Palermo
21 May 2008 – 21 July 2008
Succeeded by nessunogianni
Congress member of Trentino-South Tyrol
26 December 2008 – 25 January 2009
Preceded by Wolf89
Military rank Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Dksh was a citizen of Italy.

He was born in Palermo the 14 December of 2007. He has begun to move the first steps when in the New World, the wars module and a lot of others things, had not yet been implemented. He found a very boring game but convinced by the potential of the game, he continued to play and now after over a year is still here.

Dksh's favorite mottos were:

 I am prepared to meet my maker; whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter. 
(Winston Churchill)
 You will never find time for anything. If you want the time, you must make it. 
(Charles Buxton)
 If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin. 
(Ivan Turgenev)

Below, you can find some briefs summaries of his activities.


Writing since the birth to the infinity Party, he after opening the Party's forum, began with Catone a process of internal reform that led to the birth of "Democratici eItaliani" from the ashes of Infinity.

In the "Democratici eItaliani" Dksh has had and continues to have the greatest satisfaction, thanks to mutual respect of the Party member.



The 05 May 2008 Dksh became under-secretary with the task of managing the "National Welfare 4" in the center-north Italy (Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche). Finished his work for the month of May, he leaves his job, replaced by McEron.


He as a member of "Democratici eItaliani" Party, he was two time Mayor of Palermo, elected the first time in May of 2008 he was confirmed in June of the same year.

After he lost the successive election with the win of nessunogianni, Dksh discovered and denounced, that the new mayor has stolen all GOLDs (only 10 GOLD, fortunately) from the region account (here the newspaper's article). His denounce leads to the ban of nessunogianni, however, adminis do not return the gold back

After this unfortunate fact, he tried for the last time to candidates in his home-town, but the ballot and the favor of fellow citizens were not on his side. The winner was Caledfwylch of the "Democracy and Future" Party, who as personal excuses, gives to the region the Icon-gold.gif 10 GOLD (nessunogianni was a member of the same Party).


Dksh at the beginning of his political career, he felt the need for a tool to communicate with his potential voters, thus opening a newspaper titled "Point of view".

The newspaper, however, is not limited solely to political propaganda but also encompasses issues completely different. Thanks to his modest talents as a writer, Dksh managed to get a good number of subscribers, who show to appreciate his articles.

Link to newspaper (on Point of view


At the beginning of the V1, he founded with Catone the Catosh Corporation and opened the Catosh Wood. Thanks to the brilliant management, and the good collaboration of the two managers, the "Catosh Wood" fastly became the second companies of wood in Italy.

Then he planned to expand in another sector of raw materials.

The 5 February of 2009, Dksh became the President of eConfindustria.


Soldier of the Divisione Trento until the 25 January 2009.

The 25 January 2009 he becomes a soldier of Divisione Piave.

In the 470th day of eRepublik (4 March 2009) become a member of Divisione Corazzata Centauro.


Region Attacker Deffender Winner Fights AtkDmg DefDMG
Tyrol Flag-Austria.jpgAustria Flag-Germany.jpgGermany Flag-Austria.jpgAustria 12 -2504 0
Salzburg Flag-Austria.jpgAustria Flag-Germany.jpgGermany Flag-Austria.jpgAustria 6 -1151 0
Lower Austria Flag-Austria.jpgAustria Flag-Germany.jpgGermany Flag-Austria.jpgAustria 17 -3261 0
Carinthia Flag-Austria.jpgAustria Flag-Germany.jpgGermany Flag-Austria.jpgAustria 29 -5807 0
Urals Region Flag-Russia.jpgRussia Flag-Norway.jpgNorway Flag-Norway.jpgNorway 10 -1754 0
West Siberian Region Flag-Romania.pngRomania Flag-Indonesia.jpgIndonesia Flag-Romania.pngRomania 22 0 3855
Baja Flag-Mexico.jpgMexico Flag-USA.jpgUSA Flag-Mexico.jpgMexico 10 -1529 0
Limousin Flag-Spain.jpgSpain Flag-France.pngFrance Flag-France.pngFrance 5 0 725
The Pacific Coast Flag-USA.jpgUSA Flag-Mexico.jpgMexico Flag-Mexico.jpgMexico 5 0 723
Southern Great Plain Flag-Hungary.jpgHungary Flag-Romania.pngRomania Flag-Hungary.jpgHungary 5 -720 0
Piedmont Flag-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Italy.jpgItaly 9 0 622
Languedoc-Roussillon Flag-Spain.jpgSpain Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Spain.jpgSpain 3 0 344
French-speaking area Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland Flag-Italy.jpgItaly 4 -406 0
Algarve Flag-Portugal.jpgPortugal Flag-Spain.jpgSpain Flag-Portugal.jpgPortugal 5 -188 0
Azores Flag-USA.jpgUSA Flag-Portugal.jpgPortugal Flag-Portugal.jpgPortugal 4 0 223
Aquitaine Flag-France.pngFrance Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-France.pngFrance 3 -90 0
Central Black Earth Region Flag-Romania.pngRomania Flag-Russia.jpgRussia Flag-Romania.pngRomania 4 0 207
Central Black Earth Region Flag-Romania.pngRomania Flag-Russia.jpgRussia Flag-Russia.jpgRussia 9 0 974
Saarland Flag-France.pngFrance Flag-Sweden.jpgSweden Flag-France.pngFrance 3 -315 0
Lorraine Flag-Sweden.jpgSweden Flag-France.pngFrance Flag-France.pngFrance 3 0 333
Aquitaine Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Spain.jpgSpain Flag-Italy.jpgItaly 4 -391 0
Aquitaine Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Spain.jpgSpain Flag-Spain.jpgSpain 1 -50 0
Midi-Pyrenees Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Spain.jpgSpain Flag-Italy.jpgItaly 5 -452 0
Languedoc-Roussillon Flag-Spain.jpgSpain Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Italy.jpgItaly 1 0 73
Pays-de-la-Loire Flag-France.pngFrance Flag-Canada.jpgCanada Flag-France.pngFrance 5 -460 0
Provence-Alpes-Azur Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Spain.jpgSpain Flag-Italy.jpgItaly 4 -248 0
Limousin Flag-USA.jpgUSA Flag-France.pngFrance Flag-USA.jpgUSA 2 0 123
Lower-Normandy Flag-UK.jpgUnited Kingdom Flag-France.pngFrance Flag-UK.jpgUnited Kingdom 4 0 231
Rhaeto-Romanic-speaking area Flag-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Italy.jpgItaly 6 0 363
Rhaeto-Romanic-speaking area Flag-Switzerland.jpgSwitzerland Flag-Italy.jpgItaly Flag-Italy.jpgItaly 3 0 122