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Citizen1548736 v2.jpg
Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 13 June 2009
Day 571
Date of death Unknown
Residence Leningrad Oblast,Russia
Newspaper DocterDry3
Originally known as
Party president of Demokratik Halk Cephesi
Day 605 – Day 635
Preceded by joseph kalinin
Succeeded by Free Cinar's
Congress member of Turkey
July 2009 – August 2009
Party president of Bulgarian Communist Party
December 2009 – February 2010
Congress member of Bulgaria
November 2009 – February 2010
Party president of Czech Communist Party - ML
August 2010 – September 2010
Congress member of Czech Republic
July 2010 – September 2010
President of Czech Republic
September 2010 – October 2010
Preceded by Mr. Pollo
Military unit KnightHawks
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force**.png Legendary Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

DocterDry3 was a communist citizen of the New World who often travelled. His top achivement was when he become the President of Czech Republic. He was also known as Utku Akin and Kevin Krudd.

Personal Information

Utku Akin has great sympathy to Stalin
  • When he had heard eRepublik from his friend, he decided to start his new life in New World in June 2009. He was very excited because he was very interested in politics in RL. After 1-2 weeks from his birth, he oriented game rapidly. Firstly, he joined Turkey's unique socialist party Demokratik Halk Cephesi. He joined party's msn group channel and met with his comrades in eRepublik. He quickly harmonize with members of party and joined the election campaigns and discussions in party effectively.
  • He always supports Socialism, Internationalism, Solidarity, Freedom of countries against imperialism and establishment of Peace all over the world in his party. He always struggle with revisionists and opportunists in political parties.
  • He has been seen as orthodox marxist-leninist between his comrades. He has also great sympathy to leader of USSR "Joseph Stalin".
  • He always resists against cheaters,PTOers and fascists in his countries. Due to the his behaviour against them, he's been known as one of the most popular citizen in Turkey, Greece and Czech Republic.

Politic History

Turkey (1st Term)

Demokratik Halk Cephesi was his first political experience in his elife

He starts his political career from Demokratik Halk Cephesi which was the single socialist party of Turkey during 2009 Summer. In his first month in DHC, he managed to orient party rapidly. In 25th June Congressional Elections, he was elected as chief of election committee by Party president joseph kalinin. His party did great success in these elections and won %45 majority in congress. After this success, he was appointed as Vice-President of DHC.

In his second month in DHC, his party participated August 2009 Country Presidency Elections with Iroh90. He had worked for his party very hard but his party failed due to the multi-usage by lazocracy in this elections. Their great success in last congressional elections was ruined by nationalist's multis. After the shock of last cp elections, party nominated him as a next party president candidate in party congress.

First days in his office of president, the Greek-Turkish war broke out. He managed very stiff opposition against this war. He published articles in his newspaper before the war for warning people about the importance of keeping peace between Greek and Turkish people. But he failed and the law proposal about declaration of war passed with 21 votes. After this proposal he managed to block amount of 600 gold from treasury to call attention people about the needless of this war. During 1 month he blocked this money with his friends from DHC in order to stop war but this strategy didn't work. Government officials continued to war till now. Many of friends of him and especially himself were proclaimed as a traitor in Turkey due to their thoughts about war.

While the war was going on, he published a deeply observation article about Greko-Turkish war in his newspaper that his predictions before the war had became true. In spite of his last article's success in media, he hadn't managed to stop resolution of DHC. Many of his comrades were migrated to foreign countries and escaped from fight against fascism because of the actual debates in media. When he realised the resolution in party, he published another article for unifying the leftists in DHC. He invited all his comrades whose were started to live in foreign countries to turn back Turkey. He had never been demoralized during this period, he continued his sacred fight against fascists. He held 5th party congress of DHC as party president.

Day by day his stiff opposition against nationalists irritates more and more people in his country. One Turkish government official, named Inverus, wrote intimidating article about him and shared his personal details including his RL address and cell number to stop his opposition against them. But it didn't work as they suppose. He had ignored their threats and continued his political career with his honour and heart.

After his long and tiring presidential period, on 26th September 2009 he passed his chair to Free CINAR's. From now on he had started to focus on multi account usage in Turkey while these days he managed two major operations against government-controlled multi accounts. These operations had been discussed in Turkish media for many weeks. Actual country president in 2009 August,mkiziltoprak, was banned in first operation.

He has also writings about PEACE imperialism and his reaction against invasions of 3rd world countries by PEACE during these months. He had accused Turkey as a puppet of PEACE many times while he was living there.

He was advocate of captcha system in eRepublik. He wrote an open letter for implementing them into working and training pages. Nearly 1000 people around the world signed his open letter in these days.

He was founder of Halk Enstitüsü with his comrade joseph kalinin. Halk Enstitüsü was a new educational model for new citizens in erepublik.

Before his departure from Turkey, he participated live radio broadcasts weekly in his party's web-site to normalize relations with people and tell them the facts about his fight. His last article in Turkey was about the resolution of the left-wing. He anticipated the future of leftist movements in Turkey during these days and warned people about it. Nowadays in Turkey there hasn't been any Socialist Party in top 5.

After his departure, he supported from abroad the foundation of new leftist party named Sosyalist Devrim Partisi. He wrote out party's program and declaration of foundation text in order to help his comrades in Turkey. He managed negotiations between LDP(Greek side) and SDP (Turkish side) for publishing declaration against Greko-Turkish War.


He was the founder of Bulgarian Communist Party.

Everlasting debates in Turkey got him very tired. He decided to migrate Bulgaria to start new political career in this lovely small country. When he arrived Sofia, he made a research about leftist movements in Bulgaria then he decided that Bulgarian Socialist Party was best choice for him.

While he was member of BSP, he noticed party leadership were sunk in total revisionism and opportunism. In case of revisionist and anti-revolutionary politics, he resigned from his party and found Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) with his comrades.

When the Romanian-Bulgarian War broke out in January 2010, he published an article about the mistakes of Bulgarian President Garabeda, he criticized him sharply about the signing mpp with Hungary and his support to PEACE imperialism.

He had forced to focus on fighting against xenophobic and fanatically-nationalistic ideas in his new party because there was a huge aggression against foreigners in Bulgaria. He set up meetings to decrease these accusations against foreigners in his country but he had minor success in this topic however he didn't get his party recognised by Bulgarian people. After his 2 term congress membership, he resigned from his party and congress.

After his Bulgarian experience, due to the his real life problems he was away from eRepublik for 4 months.

Turkey (2nd Term)

Nominated as a country presidency candidate from Emek ve Dayanisma Partisi in June 2010 elections.

He turned back eRepublik in June 2010. When his comrades heard that he was playing again, they invited him to start politics in Turkey. He accepted this offer and joined Emek ve Dayanisma Partisi. He immediately wrote article about the analyze of politics in Turkey. In spite of his article was trolled by nationalists, many citizens agreed on his critics.

He noticed that there was a great opposition against multi-usage in politics therefore he was nominated as country presidency elections in June 2010 elections. He got 82 votes in this election but he failed because of the high ratio of multi-usage in this elections.

EDP was PTOed by Turkish Fascists on 15th July. After this PTO, he moved to Black Block which was founded by his friend,Kara Blok. He became inactive for 2-3 weeks, but he was member of this party in this time.

Czech Republic

He founded Czech Communist Party - ML in Czech Republic.

He migrated to Czech Republic on 11th July 2010 when the invitation from his comrade in Czech Republic sent to him. First, he joined Czech Socialist Party and its forums to meet with his new comrades.

He ran for congress from Czech Socialist Party in July 2010 elections and elected. He proposed tax reforms to congress in his first term, he managed to get them passed with his party's support.

In party presidency elections of August he noticed that fascists in Czech Republic changed their party's name to Anti-Revolutionary Party. He got very angry when saw this change and decided to ran for party presidency from this party. He had managed to won this election and changed party's name to Czech Communist Party - ML.

His party was one of the strongest parties of the Czech Republic. It had great influence in both politics, economics and military in all over the country. His party was running great campaign against Polish Imperialism and liberation of occupied lands.

Economy History

He was working for CSSR Labor Camps in Czech Republic. He had 10* Guru Arcitecht, 5 Coordinator Carpenter and 5 Coordinator Builder skills.

Military History

  • He was founder and first commander of Turkish Red Army.
  • He always fight against oppressing countries in his elife. He fought against Turkey many times in Greko-Turkish and Turkish-Israilen Wars because of his thoughts about imperialism. He also fought many times for liberation of the oppressed countries by imperialism (for example Bolivia)
  • He participated the liberation war in Bulgaria with his comrades, against Romanian imperialism.
  • Now he is militant for Internationale Red Army and fighting against Polish imperialism in his motherland.
  • He was Battle Hero of Northern Bohemia war against Poland on 23rd August 2010.

He was Veteran Artillery skill.


  • -Pravda- was the newspaper owned and published by Utku Akin (First article published in 25th July 2009).
  • He also wrote as a member of CCP-ML's Polit Buro in his party's newspaper.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 39x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 12x Congress Member
Icon achievement Country President on.gif 1x Country President
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 1x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 24x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 1x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 88x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 1x Society Builder
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 15x True Patriot