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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovene
National rank 98
Date of birth Jul 06, 2009
(Day 594 of the New World)
Residence Murska Sobota, Prekmurje
Sex Male
Political party Sprosceni
Military unit Profesionalna vojska eSlovenije
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 0.png Chief Master Sergeant

Don-d was born on July the 6th 2009 (Day 594 of The New World). He spent his first days in the region Prekmurje, because there was the best Hospital in Slovenia. He didn't play seriously at first and that cost him a lot. Then in v2, he bought firstly Q2 and then Q3 food company called Scorpion Food. Forgot to mention that he also owned an ORG called Scorpion ORG and a newspaper Scorpion News. He was very angry when admins removed economy skill from the game, because he was so close to the skill on which he would get +100 health building instead of what he ended up with - a +50 Health building.

Memorable dates of his life

Day 1,502 - 1st Battle Hero Medal. In RL it was New Year's Eve 2011 =D.
Don-d fought bravely in the first mini-battle in Jamtland Harjedalen, fighting for Resistance force of Sweden trying to set free from Finland's occupation. Dealing 942 280 damage, killing 94 opponents he got the first Battle hero medal. There was also a chance of going on to the Campaign hero Medal, but people - it was New Year's Eve! With this he also made new Top damage in a campaign, which now is 1,168,622 for Sweden.

Day 1513 - Became a National Force

Day 1,552 - A very good day for don-d.
He got three medals. Firstly, early in the morning, he got his 24th Hard Worker Medal and after visiting the training grounds also his 22nd Super Soldier Medal - meaning that he passed the 5500 strength. In the afternoon he decided to use the bazookas lying in the storage. He dealt 984,940 damage which lead him to his 2nd Battle hero Medal. Battle Hero medal was earned in the fourth round in the battle between Slovakia and Austria for the Upper Austria region.

Day 1,555 - After defeating the last 25 opponents for Romania don-d got his 2nd Mercenary Medal.

Day 1,582 - Third Battle Hero Medal. In a resistance war in Lombardy, fighting on Slovenian side. A nice number of kills and influence. As you can see don used only bazookas in this battle.


Day 1,583 - Another Battle Hero medal. This one was achieved in the 5th battle of the resistance war in Svizzera Italiana, on the Slovenian side of course. In this mini battle, there was a misunderstanding between Don-d and another player - Vezuv. Don dealt 1,136,608 damage and killed 117 enemies.

Day 1,633 - Got 6th Patriot Medal for dealing 5,000,000 damage for Slovenia.

Day 1,636 - 5th Battle Hero Medal. Slovenia versus Resistance Force of Italy in Lombardy - 6th Mini battle.

Day 1,639 - New Missions were introduced. Got his 3rd Mercenary Medal ant 7th True Patriot medal.

Day 1,652 - 8th True Patriot medal.

Day 1,665 - 9th True Partriot Medal. Achieved 20,000,000 damege for Slovenia!

Day 1,700 - 6th Battle Hero Medal. Used 67 Bazookas to inflict 2M damage. Also got new top damage in a campaign. 2,457,736 for Slovenia (Achieved while successfully defending Corsica against France) and got his 10th True Patriot Medal.

Day 1,734 - Got the Society builder Medal !!!

Day 1,747 - Bought + 100 Health building.

Day 1,783 - 8th Battle Hero - Also net top damage in a campaign - 5,202,116 Damage for Estonia.

Day 1,802 - Achieved 2nd Congress Member Medal.

Day 1,809 - 9th Battle Hero Medal. 9th Battle Hero.JPG

Day 1,810 - 10th Battle Hero Medal. Battle 2. Division 4 - Of course. 132 Kills & 6,303,251 damage. Also got 13th True Patriot Medal. Went for the first CH, but some fellow Slovenian took it from don-d. Though new top damage in the campaign. Topdamage10M.JPG

Day 1,822 - 4th Mercenary Medal

Day 1,859 - 14th True Patriot Medal

Day 1,866 - 11th Battle Hero Medal.

Day 1,869 - 12th Battle Hero Medal. It was the 1st of January 2013. A good start of the year

Day 1,894 - 15th True Patriot

Day 1,897 - 5th Mercenary Medal

Day 1,923 - 13th Battle Hero Medal

Day 1,925 - 14th Battle Hero Medal

Level Progress

Day 1,475 - Reached level 32

Day 1,503 - Reached level 33

Day 1,537 - Reached level 34

Day 1,566 - Reached level 35

Day 1,595 - Reached level 36

Day 1,625 - Reached level 37

Day 1,653 - Reached level 38

Day 1,752 - Reached level 41

Day 1,781 - Reached level 42

Day 1,830 - Reached level 44

Day 1,877 - Reached level 46

Day 1,902 - Reached level 47

Day 1,923 - Reached level 48

Day 1,946 - Reached level 49

Training Progress

Day 1,507 - Over 5,000 Strength.

Day 1,583 - Over 6,000 Strength.

Day 1,609 - Over 7,000 Strength.

Day 1,632 - Over 8,000 Strength.

Day 1,671 - Over 10,000 Strength.

Day 1,708 - Over 12,000 Strength.

Day 1,752 - Over 14,000 Strength.

Day 1,787 - Over 16,000 Strength.

Day 1,819 - Over 18,000 Strength.

Day 1,838 - Over 19,000 Strength.

Day 1,854 - Over 20,000 Strength.

Day 1,868 - Over 21,000 Strength.

Day 1,883 - Over 22,000 Strength.

Day 1,897 - Over 23,000 Strength.

Day 1,910 - Over 24,000 Strength.

Day 1,924 - Over 25,000 Strength.

Day 1,945 - Over 26,000 Strength.

Day 1,956 - Over 27,000 Strength.

Day 1,967 - Over 28,000 Strength.

Day 1,979 - Over 29,000 Strength.

Day 1,989 - Over 30,000 Strength.

Day 2,139 - Over 43,000 Strength.

Military Rank Progress

Day 1,638 - Icon rank World Class Force.png World Class Force

Day 1,772 - Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force

Day 1,833 - Icon rank Legendary Force***.png Legendary Force***

Day 1,855 - Icon rank God of War.png God of War


1st Congress Member Medal gained on an unknown date.

Resistance Hero Medals

Day 1,811 - 1st Resistance hero Medal. Gained for liberting Graubunden (Switzerland) from Slovenia's occupation.


The newspaper called The Carniola Times was established on day 1,638 of the New World. The introduction was published on day 1,668 of the New World.

Day 1,671 - Carniola Times reaches first hundred (100) subscribers.

Day 1,710 - Carniola Times hits two hundred (200) subscribers.

Day 1,811 - Carniola Times hits three hundred (300) subscribers.

Day 1,848 - Carniola Times hits four hundred (400) subscribers.

Day 1,866 - Carniola Times hits five hundred (500) subscribers.

Day 1,909 - Carniola Times hits six hundred (600) subscribers.

Day 1,700 - 1st article published. It is an interview with mufekk.

Day 1,709 - 2nd article was published. An Interview with Solinar.

Day 1,740 - 3rd article was published. An Interview with Erik-Ero.

Day 1,828 - 4th article was published. A poem-like answer to an articel.

Day 1,951 - 5th article was published. A collection of gaming humor pictures.


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Icon achievement freedomfighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x89)
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif
Hard Worker (x105)
Icon achievement congressman on.gif
Congress Member (x45)
Icon achievement president off.gif
Country President (x0)
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
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Battle Hero (x71)
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Sky Hero (x0)
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Campaign Hero (x1)
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Resistance Hero (x8)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x869)
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Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x39)
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Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif
True Patriot (x371)
Icon achievement prestigehunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)