Dunia Dalam Berita

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Dunia Dalam Berita

General Information
Country Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Owner n3m0
Founded March 2008
Subscribers +900
Articles +1000
Content International News

Dunia Dalam Berita (DDB) was a newspaper in Indonesia. Its publication ended in June 2009 when its editor n3m0 was banned. Then it continues again after n3m0 resurrected. It has a new name now as http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Dunia_Dalam_Berita


Dunia Dalam Berita means, in Indonesian, we cover the world in our news. First of all, we serve Indonesia's citizens, but since many eRepublik citizens are looking for International News, we try to move forward in providing English version for our readers from abroad.

However, we apologize for casual mistypes, mistranslation or even wrong quotes or anything since we are only humans.

DDB was a team, the members are:




Some of articles publish in Dunia Dalam Berita:

  • Selasa Pagi Hari ke 90 - 19:08[1]

the first article published in Dunia Dalam Berita

  • Berita Sore - Hari ke 91[2]

Our Vision:

   * Make eRepublik.com become another home for anyone :)

Our missions:

  1. Provide International News for Indonesian citizen especially and for others generally.
  2. To invite more players to eRepublik.com, more players means more fun
  3. To bond friendship with anyone from any nations.

You can see the english version of DDB at http://www.erepubliknews.com.

On latest update, almost all members went inactive ane me (n3m0) too busy with RL too. I will be back later when I have a time.