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Flag of the Departamento de Organizacao de Guerras.gif

General Information
Formation October 7, 2011
Country Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazil
Region Center West of Brazil
Colors Olive green
Total Soldiers 51
Commanded by Harpia Brasil
2nd Nandin Duarte
Commanders Rangu

E.L.I.T.E is a military unit in Brazil. One of its founders is Ichi nii.


D.O.G. avatar

Started as Departamento de Organização de Guerras do Partido Militar (abb: D.O.G.; Eng. means Wars Organization Department of the Party Military) founded by dfgusmao and Volkoff, DOG had more then 50 players. This was actually a project by the Partido Militar political party.

It is uncertain when the unit changed the name.

Prominent members