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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

The EA Advisory Group
Logo of The EA Advisory Group
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Headquarters Eire Aonair
Founded May 25, 2011
Services Advice, Study, Education
Colours Green
Website Website

The EA Advisory Group was an organization of Eire Aonair. Its main purpose was to be a shadow government of the Irish government. By doing this the group hoped to create new ideas based on the current situation in Ireland, to advice the government and public, and to provide valuable experience to those who participate.


The EA Advisory Group was open to applications from all Irish citizens regardless of their membership in Eire Aonair. The EA Advisory Group was not like many other EA organizations, in that it is much less independent.

The organization operated using four departments (Finance, Defence, Foreign Affairs, and Community). Each department had a volunteer Department Head. These Department Heads were responsible to direct and create conversations and ideas on the forum, and to collect those ideas for inclusion in a periodical newsletter published by the Party President of Eire Aonair. These Department Heads also organized projects.

Department Link Last known department head
Finance [1] Stranger Here Myself
Defence [2] Donnzer
Foreign Affairs [3] Johnny Jnr
Community [4] Donnzer


The EA Advisory Group was founded when D-Glennon came up with the idea for the party to have departments and shadow the government. The party decided to put this idea to use on May 25, 2011. The first Department Heads were Stranger Here Myself (Finance), Donnzer (Defence, Community), Ulaidian (Foreign Affairs). In the following month, two of these Department Heads would become actual ministers (Stranger Here Myself became Minister of Finance and Ulaidian became a Minister of Immigration). Donnzer would go on to create The Black Buck Initiative through his work as Department Head of Defence.

In April of 2011 seanlynch created the Green Report Group as an organization of Eire Aonair. This group was in some ways similar to the EA Advisory Group but it never took off. This could be seen as a noteworthy precursor to the EA Advisory Group.

Department of Defence: IA Test Run Company

In June of 2011, the Department of Defence for the EA Advisory Group started a project to study military commune management. This would be done by getting organization members to work in a temporary test run company that would test a hypothesis on efficient commune management originally put forward by Stranger Here Myself. The idea was that efficiency could be improved by working in final product companies and buying inexpensive raw materials off of international markets. Eire Aonair's economic minds had come to a relative consensus that working in a raw material company had a greater opportunity cost than buying the same raw materials.

A company was donated by sir adriano prette and donations for upgrading costs were provided in varying amounts, on top of the donations made by Sir Adriano Prette himself, by, Ulaidian, Donnzer, and Ian E CoIeman[5] Various workers from the organization then split into two companies (one for food and one for weapons) and began working to test their hypothesis.