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This page has been saved as historical information.

Organization accounts as private accounts owned by Citizens doesn't exist any more, but the article was left to see how did organizations look like.

Enticom International Investment Corporation
Logo of Enticom International Investment Corporation
Owner Jacob Medrolke
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Subsidiaries Enticom Titanium
Founded 18th Oct 09
Founder Jacob Medrolke
Services Investment, Storage and Private Banking

Enticom International Investment Corporation (founded as Enticom International Import Company and commonly referred to as the EIIC) was a holdings company and a private bank for the Enticom Corporation, and its founder, Jacob Medrolke.


Although the EIIC is an American company, the location of it's headquarters has changed several times during its existence. Having been originally founded in Madrid, Spain, it was lastly located in Brussels, Belgium due to Medrolke’s personal connections with the country. Other notable locations include Singapore City, Singapore and Queensland, Australia.


The EIIC’s main role was originally to seek out cheap raw materials for Enticom’s manufacturing companies and import them to either Australia or the US (depending on the location of the company), hence the original name, Enticom International Import Company. With modern difficulties in importing raw materials, followed by the collapse of Enticom’s last manufacturing company, the EIIC then changed into a holdings company, and was re-named to reflect its new purpose.

Enticom Titanium


In the summer of 2010, a deal was made with the Enticom Corporation whereas the EIIC would own half of all companies that are founded or purchased by Enticom. From this, 50% of dividends paid from Enticom Titanium are transfered to the EIIC's accounts (although the amount transfered is usually slightly higher as Enticom keeps a lot of it's funds in the EIIC and therefore transfers some of it's dividends aswell).