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eRepublik Arena

Published on January 28, 2009
Dear citizens,

We invite you all to participate in the contests that will be held in the new eRepublik Arena. Every week there will be a tournament to test your skills. From time to time, we will also release some surprise quizzes between the scheduled weekly contests. Winning these quizzes could be as easy as answering first!

Two days ago, the first contest of the Arena began. The topic of this contest regards Chile, the newest country to join the New World. This country was launched on the 14th of January, day 422 of the New World, and has gathered 500 citizens in the first 10 days of existence. We are wondering what the population of this country will be by day 450 of the New World.

The most accurate answer will be awarded an extra storage pack for one month. If there are multiple winning answers, all of them will be credited with an extra storage pack. The correct answer will be decided by using the population of Chile as displayed on the country page on day 450 at 00:00 eRepublik time. Post your answer in the forum topic before 07:00 eRepublik Time, day 440 of the New World.

Rules of the Arena

Each citizen has the right to one answer only. Multiple answers from the same citizen and edited posts are considered invalid, as well as answers posted by organizations.

More Contests

This board will also host a permanent competition for suggesting contests. What you have to do is make suggestions for a contest that could be held here. If we decide to pick a contest, a surprise award will be given to the author.

Invite friends

Suggest your friends to participate in these contests also. We would love to have many winners. Concerning inviting friends, we also have good news for you: we have fixed an older issue regarding invited users. We have added Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD for each accepted invitation, if the citizen reaches level 6, and added it to the society builder achievement count.

Community Coverage of the latest events

Best regards,
The eRepublik team

Updated map of the New World

Published on January 26, 2009
Dear citizens,

In the article published at the beginning of January, we announced that one of our tasks for this year would include updating the eRepublik map.

The latest version of the New World map is now available. Offering a better layout and a higher resolution, the new map has also been improved by adding the country names to ease us by citizens.

Remember that high detail country maps are available by accessing the “on the map” feature in every country menu.

In the end, let's all welcome India, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Finland, Belgium and Denmark back onto the New World map and let's also hit for the recent states that have joined eRepublik since our last map update – Croatia and Chile!

Download New World map: http://www.erepublik.com/country/worldImage/permalink/Chile


After closely analyzing the latest events that occurred in the New World, researchers decided that a full testing phase of the entire war module would be necessary in order to have battles influenced by citizens, not by system issues.

As the testing will last until the end of this week, citizens are asked not to open new battlefields, as they will be closed.

The battles that were active at the moment of this decision will be continued after the testing phase. A decision will then be made after analyzing and retesting the war system to determine the exact moment to reopen the battles.

Proper software development tools have been implemented in order to avoid unacceptable problems such as the ones that occurred last week.

We hope you will enjoy the New World's updated map!
The eRepublik Team

The New World is back – a new approach

Published on January 24, 2009

Update: In the next 2 hours we will process the rest of the Congress candidature requests.

Thank you all for your support especially this week,
The eRepublik Team

Better communication with the team

Published on January 22, 2009
Dear citizens,

One of our priorities for this year includes improving the communication between the eRepublik Team and the community.

For this purpose, we have implemented a new forum category named Administration and created inside it the letters/1 Open letters board. The official channel to communicate with the eRepublik team remains the contact form, however, the new forum board is open for public messages addressed to the eRepublik staff. Articles that are considered to be “open letters” addressed to the team, will be moved in the forum board and later these articles will be deleted in order to continue the conversation with the team in one place and not to have duplicate content.

As imagination is the only limit for changing the future, we invite you to post in the Suggestions board ideas concerning what you would like to see implemented in the New World.

Remember to keep an eye on the Updates board. New features and improvements will be announced and debated in this area.

Furthermore, only the official channel (Contact us) will be used for requesting support from the eRepublik Team. This way, the newspaper articles and the forum threads will be more efficient in reaching their goal: to be a tool used by the eRepublik citizens to communicate and organize better.

The team will continue debugging

The communication improvements that were implemented today are planned since one month ago and will help our community department gain easier your feedback regarding the events in the New World. The engineers will still focus on debugging in the next period of time. Today, their main task is to fix the avatar issues and the articles that get a 500 error.

The new 10 eRepublik laws

To better moderate citizens events and actions, it has become clear to everyone that the old laws need some proper adjustments. As a result, we would like to communicate some of the revisions going forward.

One of the changes in the new set of rules is that citizens will not be allowed to accuse each other without posting relevant proof. This is a first step toward a Judicial System (administrated by citizens) that we would like to have in eRepublik.

No public multi-account accusations are allowed. Candidates throwing free charges against one another during the course of an electoral campaign should also be avoided. Reports of such cases are to be made only using the contact form.

In parallel, a new penalty system based on forfeit points (FP) has been implemented. For every break of the law a warning (0,5 FP), a temporary ban (FP equal to the number of banned days) or a permanent ban will be applied taking into consideration the severity and the frequency. A permanent ban will also be applied if a total of five or more forfeit points are received. Every forfeit point is deleted two months after it was applied.

The new version of the 10 eRepublik Citizen Laws will also be applied to the organization accounts, until the specific entity laws are developed.

Thank you for your support,
The eRepublik Team

New servers and solutions

Published on January 21, 2009
Dear citizens,

Yesterday the team went through a difficult process of server changes and database optimization. This process was highly needed as it will solve many issues regarding the scalability and back-end activity of eRepublik. Also, the loading time was improved due to the actions taken yesterday.

There were several unforeseen issues that occurred during the process of making yesterday’s major improvements. We realize that these unexpected issues caused a lot of rightful frustration – for this we deeply apologize and will make every effort to ensure something like this does not occur in the future. Fine-tuning and server optimization is our team’s highest priority at the moment and the actions taken yesterday will fix the bugs experienced by citizens going forward – we will work to make sure that this process happens more smoothly though. Your future feedback is much appreciated as we are able to detect where these problems appear more easily.

One of the important updates included restarting the battles that ended unexpectedly almost 12 hours ago:

The battles will restart with exactly the same number of defense points in each region as before the battles were ended. Also the battles will end at the same hour as were previously planned by country presidents when they decided to attack those specific regions. This will help presidents re-organize their plans in terms of how to secure or conquer the region.

Presidents of the countries involved in these conflicts were already provided these updates and we are counting on each one of you to shout this news all over the New World.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you all for your support in the last couple of days, The eRepublik Team

Fun time in the New World

Published on January 18, 2009
It was a chilly Sunday afternoon in the northern hemisphere of the eRepublik world. The researchers were checking a few political statistics concerning the latest congress elections. When suddenly the economic analyst from the team received a notification. One of his tools that is used on a frequently (every 6 hours) base to check the status upon major economic indicators provided some interesting information. There was 8% more gold in the market!

Knowing that the amount of gold usually increases by less than 1.5%, it was pretty sure that something went bad in the last 6 hours. The analyst quickly shared this news with the rest of the researchers and the team started applying the actions planned for these type of cases:

The analyst and his colleagues managed that night to take out 90% of the gold created. The rest was blocked in the accounts or companies of the banned snakes. Further investigations are to be done, as tomorrow will be a really busy day.

Have a great week,
The eRepublik team

LATEST UPDATE: Researches found out that the benefits obtained due to this weak spot, were gained only for a few hours. All the actions realized in this time-frame were analyzed and most of them were reverted. Other transactions involving large amounts of Gold that occurred in past were already analyzed and actions were taken against the snakes back then. Also, the team of researchers consider resetting eRepublik the same as pressing the nuclear bomb button, which isn't fun at all.

eRepublik of Chile

Published on January 13, 2009
Dear citizens,

Beginning the 14th of January, Argentina and Indonesia (due to its expansion) will have a new neighbor – Chile.

Every new citizen of the New World that decides to settle in one of the five Chilean regions will receive their citizen fee of 50 units in a new currency: CLP (Chilean peso).

The treasury of Chile will receive Icon-gold.gif 1000 GOLD and 100.000 local currency. Also, we are looking forward to the general elections of Chile - its first elected president will be granted access to an organization with a CLP account of 50.000 units.

Researchers that worked on determining the level of raw materials found iron in Norte Chico, wood in Zona Sur and fertile lands in Zona Central.

The new country is protected against any war until the end of February, the same period for which it cannot declare war. Chile will use this time to grow as much as possible. Croatia's development could be a good example for any new country.

We welcome all Chileans and we send them our best regards.

Further countries to be added in eRepublik

On the 11th of February we will be welcoming Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Serbia as they join the other countries of the New World.

Help researchers by suggesting cities for the new countries, as well as the regions that should be assigned to them.

Information can be sent using the contact form or by e-mailing one of the following specific addresses: malaysia@erepublik.com, philippines@erepublik.com, singapore@erepublik.com, serbia@erepublik.com.

Please also let us know if you are interested in helping with translations of the press releases covering each country’s addition.

Later Edit: Due to the increase of visits registered in the last weeks, we have decided to introduce Serbia on the 11th of February, instead of Taiwan.

Taiwan will be joining the countries of the New World as soon as we will implement a more complex Resistance module.

Best regards,
The eRepublik Team

The eRepublik API (eAPI)

Published on January 7, 2009
Hold on to your hats people, the way for citizens to build third party applications on top of eRepublik is finally here. The eAPI is almost ready and we need you to test it out.

That’s right, we’re giving a handful of developers the privilege to start working on their eApps before everybody else has a chance to.

What can you do to get in? -- we hear what you say -- well, just send us an email at api@erepublik.com with the following questions answered and we’ll let you know if you qualify to be among the first batch of eAPI ninjas:

A member of our team will contact you for further information about the eAPI.

Looking forward to your email.
The eRepublik Team

Presidential election coverage – January 2009

Published on January 6, 2009
Dear citizens,

The voting polls for the 14th presidential elections in eRepublik were closed a few hours ago. Here are the newly elected presidents in each country:
***The list of Presidents was moved and it can be viewed here:Presidents - January 2009***

The victory of Roby Petric in Croatia was expected by many citizens while in Pakistanthe newly elected president is GnolTac as a sign of revitalization from the Stardust Crusaders party.

While some candidates won easily because they were alone in the presidential race (DKN in Germany and bruno goethals in Belgium), others had their share of emotions due to tight competition (Red Duck with three votes more than his runner-up and srachit became president with a difference of two votes).

An interesting event is happening in Russia, in which the newly elected president lic_ptg is already under impeachment by the congress after rumors were heard that he was Romanian and succeeded in a Political Takeover of Russia.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for your support,
The eRepublik Team

Plans for the first half of 2009

Published on January 5, 2009
Dear citizens,

The eRepublik team wishes you all a happy new year and many accomplishments in your eRepublik careers this year. After considering the achievements of 2008 in {{ELink|article|712199|the last article], we've decided to share our challenges for the first half of 2009. The priorities in the near future are:

New communication tools for citizens and improving the existing ones are also among our priorities. Along all of these front-end features, many other improvements will be made to the modules that are not visible by the citizens as these back-end modules help our team respond quickly to your needs.

All of these priorities are just a glance of what we expect in the next few months, several other features will be added in time. Remember to keep an eye on the eRepublik updates topic, the place where the new modules, features and improvements will be announced on a regular basis.

Thank you for your support throughout last year and together let's make the New World a better place.

The eRepublik Team

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