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eReader's Digest

General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Language English
Owner Viarizi
Founded July 1, 2012
Subscribers 1390
Articles 10
Content Political and General Interest Magazine

eReader's Digest, was known as Selecções do eReader's Digest in Portuguese and is now a eRepublik political focused newspaper that started publishing articles for the "Social interactions and entertainment" category and now publishes mainly Political articles.

Company Information

eReader's Digest founded by Viarizi, was a general interest magazine in Portugal. It was written mainly in Portuguese until 2012's last quarter. Now it's a Political Magazine as its owner is a eUSA multi-term Congressman and President of the biggest eUSA party, the American Freedom Alliance.

As of February 14, 2012 it holds 1390 subscribers.



Viarizi began his media career with a new idea that was very well accepted by the readers, a General Interest Magazine, started promoting the best eRepublik's articles, sites, programs and apps to help eCitizens better their eRepublik gaming experience.

Now as eAmerican congressman for the American Freedom Alliance Viarizi has changed the Newspaper focus to Political Activities.

Helping the Comunity

Along side with the entertainement feature of eReader's Digest the newspaper publishes articles to help newbies advance in the game through in-game pratical tips.

Political Magazine

During Viarizi's term as A.F.A. President this newspaper as become the official party magazine and is now a political focused magazine.

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