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Year 2016

Dear citizens,

The eRepublik Official Wiki is an important element of the New World. Citizens use it to get information and to inform others about their country, their parties, their companies, their success or their downfall.

Some of the contributors wish to present facts, while others use their imagination to present the fantasy of the New World. We thank them all and we wish to reward them monthly for their dedication.

Therefore, on 1st day of a month, a Sysop will publish a list of the 7 (seven) top contributors (for the past month) in this page (excluding Community Officers or any eRepublik administrative accounts). Any editor may be excluded from the Rewards program for not complying with the eRepublik Official Wiki:Rewards Program Rules.

All contributors will have 7 days at their disposal to comment on the proposal. On the same page, they can propose other authors/editors to receive the reward or they can propose the removal of contributors from that month's reward giving. Based on the comments and feedback we receive, we will announce the final list of the citizens that will receive the reward.

What the reward will be? For top 1-3 contributors Icon-gold.gif 15 GOLD, for top 4-7 contributors Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD!

Those that do not have a Wiki account can find instructions on how to request one here.

Best regards,
The eRepublik Team.

Proposal September 2016

Top 10 users on September 1, 2016
Score Pages Changes Citizen name Recipient's citizen ID* Reward
246 407 496 Bogi not eligible not eligible
200 186 238 Munganga 9019512 €14.9 pack
141 130 148 Blackerreip 8172582 €9.9 pack : Power Pack
103 89 136 Pitcity 6339748 Icon-gold.gif 50 GOLD
96 84 118 AdjieDW 8919300 Icon-gold.gif 45 GOLD
64 61 63 Sre8renica 1335975 Icon-gold.gif 40 GOLD
59 48 79 Zmajeviti 4663840 Icon-gold.gif 35 GOLD
57 48 69 Olegese 6766891 Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD
34 28 36 Master_rg 3450472 Icon-gold.gif 25 GOLD
33 18 78 Mo_green 8366514 Icon-gold.gif 20 GOLD
24 15 36 OMR.Ding 4986116 Icon-gold.gif 15 GOLD


Congratulations everyone! Thank you for participating this month and my apologies for the delay with posting. To clarify the rewards are based on a snapshot made on the 1st of September. The gold will be added soon. I've sent a message to the first and second person in-game to clarify on the pack of their choice. Congratulations again! --"Gucio «Talk»" 11:37, 6 September 2016 (PDT)