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eRepublik's Dictionary of Terms

Term Meaning Language
2-Clicker (also seen as: Two Clicker) - A citizen that only works and trains without much community involvement. English
ATO The opposite of a Political Takeover, an ATO, or Anti-Takeover, involves people working to defeat a political takeover. English
Baby Boom A period where many new players join (may apply to the entire game or a specific country). English
Blocker A citizen who is running in a region for congress without necessarily planning to win; instead they run to prevent an enemy from having the opportunity to run. English
Boot A citizen who is created by another to get the SC medal. English / World
CP Country President English
Dáil Éireann (also seen as: Dáil) Ireland's Lower House of Parliament made up of the elected congress from each territory. These congress put forward and vote on various proposals ranging from taxes to military policy. Irish
Eire Ireland - Irish for Ireland. Used commonly by English and Irish speakers alike in Ireland. Irish
Fortress Strategy A now outdated national strategy which moves a majority of the population to one or two regions. In the past this would raise the cost of attacking that region. English
Headless Chickens This refers to a 404 error. The term derives from the use of a cartoon headless chicken on all of eRepublik's 404 error pages. English
HW Medal A medal earned by working for 30 days. English
IA Irish Army - refers to Ireland's official national army. English
IRC Internet Chat Relay - An online chat system often employed by eRepublik organizations. English
IMHO In My Humble Opinion English - Internet Abreviation
Manifesto A statement of plans and principles set forward by an individual or group to inform others of their intentions. Manifestos are commonly used by politicians to obtain votes. People read their manifestos and understand the values, plans, and ambitions of an individual or group. English/Spanish
Mini-battle (also referred to as rounds) Two hour long battles which happen within individual battles. The first side to win 8 of these mini-battles successfully conquers or defends the region in question. English
MM Monetary Market - Under the Market tab - here you can trade currencies or buy gold. English
MMMP Mass Media Mogul Project, these appear from time to time to utilise large populations of a country or alliance in generating revenue, usually for war, by co-ordinating subscriptions. Once over a 1000 (or mulitple of a 1000) subscriptions the newspaper owner receives a treasure map, the gold from which is donated to the cause. English
MMP Mutual Protection Pact - An agreement between allied countries that they will protect each other against enemy forces. Citizens may then fight battles for their allies without moving from their home nation. English
Mod(s) Moderator(s) - They who modify - The person(s) who manage eRepublik in various ways. Ex. Giving penalties to players with multiple accounts. Ex2. Making changes to the game. English
MoX Minister of X (where X is the particular ministry or government organization in question) - This person is a government official mandated by the Country President to manage a given ministry. English
Multi Multiple - A player account which is being used in addition to one or more other player accounts. This is considered cheating, and if caught players face consequences. English
Natural Enemy Each country can set one bordering nation as a natural enemy every month. This process must go through congress for approval, and the process can be redone once a month. Ones a natural enemy has been declared, war is free. When fighting against a natural enemy, soldiers receive an extra 10% damage. English
Noob Refers to a player who is new or inexperienced. Can also be used to tease or insult someone. English/World
Obrazek This word may appear when images that have been inserted into an article do not appear. This word means "picture" in Polish. Polish
Org (also seen as: ORG, org, etc.) - Organization - Refers to an entity which can own companies and/or represent a group of people or function. Organizations can have newspapers and can comment and communicate. All organizations are dependent upon users to operate them. An organization cannot work or train. English
o7 or 07 or O> Salute - This is a commonly used combination of lower case "o" and the number "7", to make a salute symbol. The "o" looks like a head, while the "7" looks like a arm saluting. This is common in military discussion and is used to denote respect (unless used in satire). Symbolic
PHX Abbreviation for the international military alliance, Phoenix. English
PTO Political Take Over - Refers to the act of abusing democracy by moving in masses (either using multiple accounts or friends) and taking over a party, congress, or country. The specific problem with this is that the PTOer(s) (or Political Take Overer(s)) rarely have the best interest of others in mind, and often seek to exploit a country or organization. English
PP Party President English
RM Raw Material - harvested by employees of a company then sold to companies that manufacture goods to be sold to players in the marketplace. English
Resistance War a battle in which only one nation participates, and can only be started in a region which is not native to its current owner. If the battle is successful, it returns to its original owner. English
Sapi Abbreviation of One IP in Indonesian. Literally it means "Cattle". Refers to accounts which administered by a person who commit a multiaccounting. People who administering sapies is called "peternak", means farmer literally. Popular in Indonesian eRepublik's society. Indonesian
SS Medal Super soldier Medal : Received for every 250 strength gained through training. English
Sub Subscribe - refers to the act of clicking the subscribe button in order to receive a notification every time a new article is published in a particular newspaper (the one the subscribe button belonged to). English
Tank Someone who spends large sums of Gold on Energy Bars during wars. “To Tank” is the act of spending the gold on Energy Bars and weps in order to fight 80, 90 or more times during a given battle. English
Taoiseach Refers to the Country President of Ireland. Irish
TL;DR Too Long. Didn't Read. - Often used to criticize the length of an article or piece of writing. English
TM Treasure Map - A reward containing gold received after gaining a medal or certain level increases English
TW Training War - A battle staged for the purposes of countries within a MPP (Mutual Protection Pact) in order for them to keep their citizens’ thirst for war satisfied and to help them gain military rank faster. English
VP Vice President English
V&S (also seen as: V+S) - Voted and Subscribed - Used often when commenting on a newspaper article. V&S indicates that the speaker has hit the vote button (increasing the visibility of an article) and the subscribe button (meaning that future articles from the same newspaper will by notified to the speaker). English
Zombie 1. A person who votes strictly for their party in the general election without regard to the candidate's competency.

2. Another name for a multiple account.

\o/ Hoorah! - This is a symbol made to look like a head with two raised arms as if cheering. This is used to denote enthusiasm or happiness (unless used in satire). Symbol
o/ or \o Hi-five! - This symbol represents a highfive, with the small o representing the head, and the / or \ representing an arm reached out to the right or left. Symbol


  1. This is not a place to add political or personal views. Just the most accurate and unbiased definition is appropriate.
  2. All terms should be in alphabetical order.
  3. Any term starting with a number goes in numeric order before those terms starting with a letter of the alphabet.
  4. Any definitions starting with a special letter (a letter which does not appear in UK or US english) goes after all other terms. The same applies when comparing two words on any letter after the first.
  5. Any term starting with a letter that has an accent goes after the same letter without an accent. The same applies when comparing two words on any letter after the first.
  6. In the case of two or more terms which are the same but spelt slightly differently or capitalized slightly differently, the version which would come first in order is used, and all alternatives are listed in this format: "BadEx | (also seen as: BE, BEx, BadX, BX etc.) - Bad Example - an example which fails to communicate a point or actually does not demonstrate the concept desired."

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