EXIA Group

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EXIA Group
Logo of EXIA Group
Country Flag-Sweden.jpg Sweden
Subsidiaries EXIA Industries, EXIA Houses, EXIA Treats, EXIA Infirmaries
Founded 2007
Founder Scymex
Industries Construction, Manufacturing
Products weapons, houses, gifts, hospital

The EXIA Group was 4 companies managed by Scymex. All of them got new owners when Scymex left Erepublik on 10 March 2008.

EXIA Industries

A weapon company that was very successful. Had over 50 employees. It was taken over by Lame and renamed to GreatWeapons (Q4). The only one of Scymex companies that still is running.

EXIA Houses

A housing company that also went successful. Also had over 50 employees.

EXIA Treats

A gifts company that not went successful. It was too expensive to run and stock was filled with over 4000 Q1 gifts.

EXIA Infirmaries

A hospital company that failed. It was meant to be a hospital-school, but was upgraded to Q3.