Eastern Slovakia

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Eastern Slovakia

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Flag of the owner  Coat of Arms of Eastern Slovakia
Map of the region
Original owner Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
Capital Kosice
Language Slovakian, Hungarian, English
Last update '

Eastern Slovakia, region of Slovakia changed hands many times due to wars. It was made a part of the Czech Republic as a result of the Slovakia-Czech Republic War. Then it became part of Hungary after the Hungary-Czech Republic War. Central Slovakia became part of Romania as a result of World War I. In April, 2009 Hungary occupied it again. Now it is again part of Slovakia.

The capital of Eastern Slovakia is Kosice, or in Hungarian, Kassa.


Country Region City Population Productivity Hospital Defense System
Icon-Slovakia.png Eastern Slovakia Kosice 62 Icon - Grain.png Grain - Medium 0stars.gif 0stars.gif


Eastern Slovakia is neighbored by following regions:


Date Term Started Mayor Party
21 August 2008 Arweg eRMDP
21 July 2008 unknown unknown