Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid

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Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid

General Information
Country Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Abbreviation END
Forum Forum
Colors black-blue
Founded 14.04.2009
Dissolved Summer 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /32 seats, 0%
Succeeds Reformierakond
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Party-Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid.gif

Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid was created from the party Reformierakond. The new leader, Albertti, saw, that the party had lost meaning in its old way and therefore decided to hold a vote on what the party's new path should be. The most popular ideology was national socialism. However, since it is a heavily racist ideology, it was decided that the new way shall be national democracy.

The program of the Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid

¤ Social Politics - Food and gifts help from the state is an extreme measure to prevent a citizen from dying and to help him or her to a new life. The prerequisite for governmental help is that the citizen has gotten into such a situation because of lacking the knowledge and not because of laziness (doesn't work, train, log in or buy food).

¤ Foreign Affairs - The goal of END is to use all opportunities to increase Estonias influence in regional and global scale. Neutrality is not a viable future, we have to take the right steps and prove to our political allies that we can be of more use than simply one more MPP in the list.

¤ Internal Affairs - On regional level we have to move in a direction, where it doesn't matter for an Estonian citizen in which region he or she lives. Every region should offer maximum possibilities to benefit from trainings and to participate as easily as possible in internal affairs of the state. We cannot allow to own only two strong regions and three "pointless" regions.

¤ Internal Defence Policy - There should be a "KAPO" (Defence Police) unit in the country which, without choosing means (but obeying the rules of the game) would stand for Estonias continuity and defensibility against acts of aggression. Also the purpose of the unit would be to liquidate corruption and profiting on the expense of the state.

¤ Demographic Policy - Estonia should be populated by people with Estonian citizenship, who are loyal to the state and who have only one goal: one nation, one country.

¤ Economic Policy - The economic policy should originate from the state and not from the entrepreneur. Lower taxes warrant bigger profits in the private sector but not a bigger import.

¤ Defence Forces - The economic profit of the country should be used to strengthen our Defence Forces. The duty of every citizen is to participate in every training war the maximum number of fights. Estonia must create its own strike force, which would be capable to attack when needed and to defend the country with maximum power. The country doesn't have to save money to pay its defenders for "tanking" services. Instead we have to create a situation where the country itself is strong enough and doesn't need external help to conduct its foreign affairs.

¤ Justice Policy - The laws must be clear and there may not be possibilities to interpret the laws in several ways and to conduct "juridically correct" policies.

Party Presidents


Avatar Name Start date End date
Rafale.jpg Rafale 14.04.2009 14.09.2009

Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid

Avatar Name Start date End date
Citizen1220299 v2.jpg Albertti 14.09.2009 16.11.2009
Citizen1554437 v2.jpg Enrii Lindebaum 16.11.2009 15.05.2010
Citizen1220299 v2.jpg Albertti 16.05.2010 15.06.2010
Margus.jpg Margus Murakas 16.06.2010 ...

Country Presidents from the Party


Avatar Name Start date End date Notes
Citizen1413798.jpg Sim Maatriks 14.07.2009 05.08.2009 After impeachment
Citizen1413798.jpg Sim Maatriks 05.08.2009 05.09.2009 Supported
Citizen1475718 v2.jpg Elari Reili 05.09.2009 05.10.2009

Eesti Natsionaal-Demokraadid

Avatar Name Start date End date Notes
Citizen1724994.jpg Tulnukas 05.12.2009 02.01.2009 Resigned
Citizen1220299 v2.jpg Albertti 01.04.2010 05.04.2010 After impeachment
Citizen1220299 v2.jpg Albertti 05.04.2010 05.07.2010