Eesti Vabakodanike Partei

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Eesti Vabakodanike Partei

Party-Eesti Vabakodanike Partei.png
General Information
Country Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonia
Abbreviation EVP
Founded 17 February 2012
Dissolved 2014/2015
Congress Occupancy 0 /32 seats, 0%
Succeeds My Birthday Party

Eesti Vabakodanike Partei (Eng. Party of Estonian Free Citizens) was a political party in Estonia. It's former name was My Birthday Party. Party name was changed when Kerdni Kilegjan took it over.

After name change party remained same by it's structure. It still did not represented any certain views. Every member has a free choice to choose what kind of views he/she like to represent. Member also have responsibility to their own political campaign, if they want to be elected to the congress.

Party presidents

It is unsure what happened after May 2014 as there were no elections held until November 2014.