El Senso

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El Senso

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El Senso.jpg
Nationality Flag-Iran.jpg Iranian
National rank 339
Date of birth May 2012
Sex Male
Political party Iran Mafia
Newspaper Giornale di Senso
Congressman of Iran
Military unit Iran Mafia
Position member
Rank Icon rank Field Marshal***.png Field Marshal***
If you try and don't succeed, cheat. Repeat until caught. Then lie.

Bg-fullemployee.gif El Senso is a citizen of Iran Flag-Iran.jpg. He was born on Day 189 of the New World.
In first days he moved to Ireland for some reasons and then he left the game after a while. there is still his first account Senso but no one knows what happend for that account. after months he returned to the game and made an account in Italy and spent much of his life in Italy and was a member of the Italian Communist Party. Also He was in the Parliament of Italy for a while but his account was banned in Italy.


Rebirth.jpgReturn to the game

He returned to the game after two years and reformed the Mafia with his friend Restive and now Mafia is the biggest group (Mafia always was a group not a party) in Iran.

Politic activity.pngPolitics

He is member of Iran Mafia forever!

Military icon normal.png Military

Actually he was member of Iran Mafia Military Unit but he joined Tanks 4 Life IR just because of his passion for Italy, however, after T4L IR is disbanded, he came back to Iran Mafia Military Unit again in Day 1838 of the New World.


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Hard Worker (x4) Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress member (1x) Icon achievement president off.gif Country President (0x) Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif Media Mogul (1x) Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Battle Hero (x24)
Icon achievement campaignhero off.gif Campaign Hero(0x) Icon achievement resistance on.gif Resistance Hero (x2)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Super Soldier (x20) Icon achievement mercenary on.gif Mercenary (x2)
Icon achievement society builder off.gif Society Builder (0x)
1/10; 11 players invited
Top Fighter (0x)
Icon achievement top fighter off.gif True Patriot (x7)
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif
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