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Eric Ross

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Nationality Flag-New Zealand.jpg eRepublikan
Date of birth Feb 28, 2010 (day 831)
Date of death End of 2012
Residence Auckland, eNZ
Sex male
Newspaper The Straight Shooter
Congress member of East of England
May 25, 2010 – June 25, 2010
July 25, 2010 – August 25, 2010
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Eric Ross has been playing eRepublik since Feb 28, 2010. Eric began his eLife in the eUSA, but after a short time in eCalifornia and eKarnataka Eric resigned from the United States Workers Party and moved to eEstonia, then eUk.

When Eric first came to eUK he was granted citizenship. Eric has been a happy and productive member of eUK society since. When Eric first came to eUk he joined UKRP. After a few weeks he became a member of the now defunct British Democratic Party (BDP) and twice served in the House of Commons while in BDP. He later help in the formation The Real Democrats party (TRD) which later became known as Every Single One, and was a two time Party President of the Every Single One. Recently Eric returned to the UKRP where he is now a member.

In his time in the eUk Eric served in the UK Navy, UK Air Force, UK Army, and in the UK Special Forces.

In late January of 2012, after almost two years in the eUK Eric became tired of the status quo of fighting for other nations, and losing eUK regions. After two straight months of being wiped during Congress elections Eric could clearly see that things in the eUK had sunk to an all time low and left for eNew Zealand. Eric has found a new home in the Peace 'n' Proserity Party, and become a member of the Kiwi Military Guard, 1st Regiment.