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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen



Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth Day 813 of the New World
Residence Missing
Political party United Lolies of Japan
Military unit Japanese Imperial Navy
Military rank Icon rank Private.png Private
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Exusia was born on Day 813 of the New World in Kobe City[1], Hyogo Prefecture. Growing up close to the sea in one of the major ports of eJapan meant that Exusia was well acquainted with maritime customs and traditions from a young age. Receiving an uneventful but substantial education, Exusia took interest in subjects such as History, English Literature, and Japanese Cultural Studies.

800px-Downtown of Kobe during twilight.jpg

Downtown Kobe at sunset

Like many eJapanese, Exusia soon moved to the more prosperous Kanto region in search of adventure and a livelihood. Starting out from humble beginnings at the Nippon Construction School provided invaluable experience in the fields of design and architecture, while ensuring that the young Exusia did not have to go hungry.

New and alone within the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo, Exusia decided to join the United Lolies of Japan after chancing upon one of their recruitment advertisements. Shortly after signing up and meeting friendly faces like Yuuko and Tanaka Fujimori, Exusia was convinced that this was the party that could offer a comfortable level of activity and social support for a newcomer in Kanto.

Party-United Lolies of Japan.jpg

The United Lolies of Japan

Military Service

Concerned with how the tumultuous state of world affairs might affect eJapan, Exusia soon felt the calling to participate in the defense of the homeland. This drove Exusia to sign up with the Japanese Imperial Forces, taking part in several regional training exercises and graduating from cadet school as a Shoi.

As luck would have it, the Ministry of Defense posted the junior officer to the Japanese Imperial Navy as a crew member of the JINS Hyuga. Exusia's childhood familiarity with maritime vessels and fondness for the sea were now put to good use in the service of the nation. Another pleasant surprise soon followed as Exusia was introduced to the Commanding Officer of the JINS Hyuga, none other than fellow United Lolies of Japan member Tanaka Fujimori.

Exusia's trial by fire would come in eJapan's response to the eSouth African War of Liberation. With the JINS Hyuga deployed to Western Australia against eArgentina and eBrazil, Exusia would participate in real warfare for the very first time.


JINS Hyuga prepares to set sail

Following the Japanese Imperial Navy's return to eJapan, Exusia has continued to participate in training exercises in and around Asia. Now more established financially, Exusia is also exploring alternative ways to contribute to the Japanese Imperial Forces.

In addition to being a soldier, Exusia has also served as an intelligence analyst for the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While the bulk of these details are classified, working in liaison with both Ministries has undoubtedly evolved Exusia's understanding of current affairs and global politics.

Sometime afterwards, Exusia disappeared from public view. With no credible explanation, Exusia has been deemed missing, dead, or even both by various sources.

The Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs have declined to comment.

Personal Life

When there is time to spare, Exusia enjoys attending cultural activities and events hosted by the enterprising and creative citizens of eJapan. Exusia appreciates the arts; music and Japanese poetry in particular.

In particular, Exusia possesses a large collection of singles from The Brilliant Green [2], a popular Japanese pop-rock band hailing from Kyoto[3].

The Brilliant Green.jpg

The Brilliant Green

Exusia's experience in the construction industry has helped cultivate a particular taste in applying the principles of Zen to interior design. Having settled down in a quaint little neighborhood within Shinagawa, Tokyo[4], Exusia's home is modestly furnished, but is nevertheless kept clean and natural.

Living in Shinagawa also means that the sea is never too far away, serving as a pleasant memento of sorts from Exusia's childhood days in Kobe.

Traditional Japanese Home.png

Exusia's home in Shinagawa

Following Exusia's disappearance, Exusia's home in Shinagawa now stands empty. It has, however, been kept in pristine condition by an unknown and as-of-yet unseen party.