Faste Trading

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Faste Trading
Logo of Faste Trading
Owner Jimbob Faste
Country Flag-UK.jpg UK
Headquarters South East
Subsidiaries FAste Food
Founded Erepublic Day 534
Founder Jimbob Faste
Industries Manfucaturing
Products food
Services Currency and Gold Trading, Gift Partnering Service

Faste Trading is an Organisation owned and run by Jimbob Faste, the Organisation was set up initially to use as a base to Trade Currency and Gold and to run Businesses from.

Faste Trading has since added a new Gift Partnering Service you may have received a Message from either Jimbob Faste or Faste Trading that looks like this:

Hello, my name is Jimbob Faste from Faste Trading. This is just a quick message to see if you would be interested in my Gift Partnering service it is a quick and easy process to complete, all I ask from you is a small Donation for my help.

The Process is as Follows:

1. We arrange a time when we both will be available. 2. You buy the amount of Gifts you require (10 Max Wellness per Day). 3. You then go to my Organisation Screen and click Donate. 4. Drag all your Gifts to my Organisations Inventry, Click Donate. 5. Click on the Money Tab and Donate your choosen Donation amount and click Donate. 6. I will then goto your Citizen Profile and offer your Gifts which will build your Wellness.

We can do this every day or every couple of days, if you have any questions or would like to sign up send me a PM and I will be happy to help.

This has proved popular with many Citizens who have signed up to the Service.

Faste Trading has also started Buying and Selling Food, Weapons, Moving Tickets (More Information on this to come).