Federal Social Democrat Party (Germany)

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"Federal Social Democrat Party" redirects here. For the South Korean political party, see Federal Social Democrat Party.

Federal Social Democrat Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Abbreviation FSDP
Founded November 22, 2008
Dissolved June 2009 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Reformed Federal Democrats
Succeeded By Party of Austrian Empire

Federal Social Democrat Party (FSDP) was a German party founded on November 22, 2008, by Justin Tyme, the former leader of the German Liberation Front from the Czech Republic. It was the first party founded in Germany after the German Independence War. In March 2009 the Party president become frozen4, a Swede that took the spot when no one else ran, and renamed the party to Swedische Botschaft. In May 2009, the Party president is again Justin Tyme and renames the party back to FSDP.


The Federal Social Democrat Party came under attack shortly after the December 2008 presidential election when a user named Citizen Ruth wrote an article exposing that the majority of the party's members come from a forum called Facepunch Studios. Citizen Ruth's article focused on negative comments from the forums' users, which pertained to racism and war. An argument followed in the comments section of Citizen Ruth's article between mainly Citizen Ruth and Facepunch Studios' members, in which many members pointed out that Citizen Ruth had not acknowledged the many positive comments made on the forum.

Note: The article was later deleted.


In the March party president election, with no members of FSDP running for party president, frozen4, a man from Sweden, quickly joined the party and ran for party president. With no opposition he won and renamed the party to Swedische Botschaft.


The Federal Social Democrat Party was eventually reformed in South Korea under the same name and by many of its previous members.

Party presidents

The only Party president was Justin Tyme which served on this position for 4 complete terms and 2 incomplete terms:

  • November 22, 2008 - March 15, 2009: Justin Tyme
  • March 16, 2009 - May 15, 2009: The party was operating under other names
  • May 16, 2009 - June 2009 (the Austrian liberation date): Brodie Hermann