Filipino Progressive Movement

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Filipino Progressive Movement

Party-Filipino Progressive Movement.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Abbreviation FPM
Forum [1]
Colors Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black
President Ariel David Buena
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/20 seats, 0%
Succeeds Filipino Green Party
Succeeded By Prodajem reklame
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Libertarian


The Filipino Progressive Movement (FPM) is one of the largest and oldest political parties in the Philippines. Originally set up by Big Boy Bulley and other members who had left the UK to settle in the Philippines, it started out being viewed with some suspicion. However the FPM proved itself with donations of gold, organisation ability, military strength and business acumen. Its members we all originally UK ex-pats, but it now consists of a mixture of citizens hailing from several different nations. The FPM has an exclusive forum section on the official Philippines forums; to gain access simply register with the forum and post in the political section with the subject line;

Citizen Name - FPM

The FPM welcomes anyone into their party, with the exception of persona non grata to the Philippines (consisting mainly of previous PTO personel).

This party was renamed to the Prodajem reklame party after the Indonesian occupation of the Philippines


The FPM is left of centre politically. It believes in a socialist approach to government, but still supports and encourages free enterprise in the marketplace. Its dedication to the people of the Philippines can be measured by the hospital in every region of the Philippines.


It has established government controlled industries in all sectors except mining industries which have no raw materials in the Philippines (namely diamonds and wood). The policy of the government controlled industries is to provide both fair wages and fair prices for all citizens of the Philippines, irrespective of political, religious or military alleigance.


The FPM strongly favours control of the PHP (the native Filipino currency) Gold Exchange rate by buying all sales of gold under the current recommend amount, and selling gold at the recommned amount. This is currently 50 PHP to 1 GOLD and 1 PHP to 0.02 GOLD. The FPM was responsible for creating the Bank of Philippines (BoP) as a secure place to store GOLD and PHP out of the country accounts to prevent its acquisition by hostile parties attempting political take overs (PTOs) of the Philippines. The Filipino Congress regularly votes on transferring amounts of GOLD and PHP from the Filipino country accounts to the BoP. The Ministry of Finance was created to carry out the day to day duties of controlling the money market and is run by the Philippines Minister of Finance.


The FPM was instrumental in creating the Filipino Army. Created primarily as a defensive force, the FPM has no hesitation in supporting its allies against invasion all around the world. On Xth July the Philippines was accepted into PEACE GC as an ally, securing invaluable support from arguably the most potent military force in the world. The FPM does not support invasion of any other sovereign nation, except for the purposes of training wars.