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Firo Prochainezo

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth January 5, 2010
Date of death 2014
Residence Aquitaine, France
Sex Male
Faith Dioism (Practicing)
Married to IstLtHawkeye
(2/24/2012 – Eternity)
Deputy Secretary of Defense of USA
August 2011 – September 2011
Served under Alexander_Auctoritas
Secretary of Defense of USA
September 2011 – October 2011
Served under Alexander_Auctoritas
Preceded by Oblige
Succeeded by Artela
Congressman of Tennessee
September 2011 – October 2011
Preceded by Kijiman
Succeeded by GoalieBCSC
Congressman of Kansas
January 2012 – February 2012
Preceded by Ivan Oblomov
Succeeded by Matracuca
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Throughout his eLife, Firo Prochainezo has been involved in numerous roles within the eUnited States, predominantly related to military service, not to his career in Federalist Party.

Chill Musical Backdrop

Various Titles Held

Political Title Pin Military Title Pin
United States Ambassador
to Italy
(under Cerb)
Flag-Pins-USA-Italy.jpg Company Commander, USTC
3rd Division, B Company
Deputy Secretary of Defense
(under Alexander Auctoritas)
Department of Defense (USA).jpg Regimental CO, JCS Cavalry
3rd Armored Cav. Reg.
Secretary of Defense
(under Alexander Auctoritas)
Department of Defense (USA).jpg Ultramarines Quartermaster
United States Ambassador
to Italy
(under Oblige)
Flag-Pins-USA-Italy.jpg Commanding Officer of USAF Boot Camp
Immigration Enforcement Subcommittee Flag-USA.jpg Executive Officer of USAF Army


  • Within a week of his eBirthday, Firo Prochainezo took notice of the then-eUS Military recruitment articles. Deeming this a suitable way to get the most out of an intriguing socio-political-military strategy game, he applied to the US Training Corps.

Initial assignment to USTC

  • For his stint in Basic Training, Firo was assigned to the USTC 1st Division, 123rd "Berzerkers" Plt. At the time, this unit was commanded by 1st Lt. Lazert and XO'd by Sgt. CII_Venom. Firo graduated from Basic Training with honors.
  • After graduation from the Berzerkers, Firo was re-assigned to USTC 3rd Division, 314th Platoon. Within two weeks, 3rd Division's CO, Col. Eric Brady, approached Firo with an offer to commission him as Platoon XO for 3rd Division, 303rd "Skullcrushers" Platoon. This platoon was, in his opinion, approximately the most awesome thing ever; on top of being the primary reason why he is still active in eRepublik today, Firo learned important lessons in how to engage people, retain players, 'socially' network, and most importantly have fun. When he stopped having fun, he resigned his commission in TC and transferred to Cavalry.


  • Starting as a Private in Cavalry's Recon Battalion (at the time CO'd by JenniferElane and XO'd by Tomato117 or something like that), Firo graduated quickly and was re-assigned to a platoon in 3rd Cavalry Regiment. Over the proceeding 2 months, he advanced in rank from Corporal to 1st Sergeant (PCO senior grade). In the Fall of 2011, Firo was approached by then Lt. Col TK421, commander of 3rd Cavalry, and was offered the position of Regimental XO (the previous RXO, Cpt. Denali134, was re-assigned to a different unit within Cavalry). Starting his duties as Captain, Firo focused solely on "promoting morale or some s**t" by generating many frivolous-yet-debatably-amusing threads; around this period, the Cavalry's Constitution was generated, alongside of several non-binding resolutions regarding proper cannibalism ettiquette. Firo ended his stint as 3rd Cav RXO at the rank of Major.
  • Around late-October 2011, Col. TK421 resigned due to lack of time and accepted a role as Sergeant (the most prestigious rank without attached responsibilities) in one of 3rd Cav's platoons. Firo stepped up to become the Regimental Commanding Officer. Antics and shenanigans continued during this period; Firo selected AlexBerkman -- known for his level-headedness -- as his RXO.
  • AlexBerkman was promoted to 11th Cavalry Regiment CO with Avruch's and Firo's blessing. It was during this time that Firo and AlexBerkman collaborated to form Cavalry's Officer Candidate School. Though Cavalry closed within two months of its formation, Cavalry's OCS generated a reserve pool of 6 skilled enlisted members that were pre-exposed to officer-related activities and responsibilities.
Ribbon rack upon leaving JCS forces:

Militia service, a new Armed Forces


Firo had focused his energies on military service until the middle of 2011. Governmental/cabinet roles include:

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