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Nationality Flag-Greece.jpg Greek
Date of birth 16 July 2009
Date of death 2010
Residence Icon-Greece.png Greece Thrace
Sex Male
Congress member of Greece
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Foivos1 was a Icon-Greece.png Greek citizen.

Early days

He was born in Attica on day 604 of the New World. He played every day and when he reached level 7 he decided to start his newspaper. He made the newspapers "i Eleftheri apopsi" (in English "the free opinion") where he wrote about socialist (Far-Left) ideas. For almost half a year, the newspaper was in the top 20 in Greece by the number of subscribers and hold a Greek record of published articles - more than 100 articles were published in that short period of time.

He was considered to be talented political, economic and military knower as he has predicted how the war would turn (exactly the not-fall of less than 10 Icon-USA.png American states, the recover, the economic failure of peace etc.) from the early days of the war when battles for Alaska and Washington were happening.

Political career

From his early days he has shown interest in politics but with a strange way. He didn't want just "a seat in Congress" but he wanted to change the things going. When he started the game not many citizens of Greece were following the left-orientated politics. Some of them gathered and made Enosi Dimokratikis Aristeras (EDA). Many far-left citizens came to EAM which was an organisation inside EDA.

He was one of the oldest Greek left orientated citizens.
From 20th October 2009 (day 700) he became a member of the political council of EDA. His first term started on day 700 and ended on day 730 (20th November 2009).
From 25th October 2009 (day 705) he became a Congressman in Aegean Islands. His second term started on 25th November 2009 (day 735).
At the day 757 he left EDA and went to the LSP because EDA was taken over by someone more centralist.

His help to Greece

In the 2 Greek civil wars (media wars with heavy arguments that divided the Greek people) he has been on the left side. In both of them, his articles stopped the war.

He has made a team that campaigned on the forums for getting Cyprus on the World map. He also helped Greece to create second Greek baby boom.

His contribution to EDA and LSP

He was one of the first members of the Worker's party, which was later renamed to EDA (Union of democratic left). Several months later a split between him and the party president Dimitrios happened because Dimitrios wanted to change EDA to become a more center-orientated party. So he left to fah, the anarchist party. The party had become a shelter for many left-offs from EDA that gradually became a central-left party so they created Libertarian Socialist Party (LSP), a party for all left-leaning citizens. The decisions were taken in the forum of the party where foivos was very active.


When Turkish danger was great and Aegean Islands were again annexed, foivos created EAK (ethniko apeleftherotiko kinima- Eng. national liberation movement). They started resistance wars and finally liberated the Aegean Islands. The funds were fully covered by contributions of people, all the gold that foivos and cybernero had and only the cost for the opening of the rw was from the state.

His contribution to Greece as a politician

In his first congress term, he has started a campaign on the internet for getting new players in Greece (continuing an older campaign) that has turned out as a mini baby boom of 2000 new players in 4 days. After the end of the project, the baby boom continued on Saturdays and Sundays with 300 new players (average) every time with a promotional campaign of the government.

He started a struggle to get signatures from the Greek people and all the Congressmen for getting Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus in the game. Then he concentrated on new players. Other parts have succeded (help new players on chat with information and help as many players with low wellness as possible) and others failed (a program of giving 3 more grd for every new player). He found many trap companies, he tried to put up an "unwritten" law for freedoms in Greece when they were in danger. He has helped to the creation and upgrades of buildings in Greece.

Ηis last term in Congress

On his last term (4th) he passed a record amount of laws. For example, he did the first steps for the abolition of a "contract" that someone could use to get money by getting it in an in-congress control but after 2 weeks the new government abolished it completely. Another example is the "library" that would be out of the game site with every important piece of knowledge for the game.


He made an organisation on day 676 of the new world named foivos non-profit and bought a q1 weapon company named 140 raw materials and he changed its name to foivos iron and upgraded it to q2.

Wiki contribution

He was a valuable contributer to wiki, working mostly on Greek and Turkish related articles, and of course articles about him and his newspaper.


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Hard Worker (x15)
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Congress Member (x4)
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Media Mogul (x1)
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Battle Hero (x1)
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Super Soldier (x7)