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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
National rank 273
Date of birth 16th September 2009, day 666
Residence Great Poland
Sex Male
Newspaper El Francotirador
1st."Offgame" President of Peru of Peru
777 – 807
Succeeded by D. Tri
Military unit Russian Foreign Legion
Squadron "Batallón Huáscar"
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Franco777 is a Peruvian citizen, born the 666th day of eRepublik.

Political Career

  • Member and a "one period" ex-President of the extinct party "Peruvian Excellence Party".
  • Two times congressman, one in the Peruvian congress as member of PEP; and the second time in the Argentinean congress as member of the "Progreso Argentino" (Argentinean Progress) Party, since he was member of the "Board of Peruvian Citizens" in charge of certifying the fulfillment of the contract between Perú and Argentina, with ALA as "watcher" and designer of the contract itself.
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs under the government of Jhon Salchichon. After all the opposition against him, Franco777 took a step away from politics.
  • After progressing in his military career, he resigned the Inca Army, as he opposed to work in Army's companies. After that, he traveled to Moscow, Russia to keep training until he reached the rank of Field Marshall.

Military Career

  • Soon after, he joined as member of the military project called "Batallón Huáscar" (Huascar Batallion), organized and commanded by the citizen MoredanKantose, and sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Defense, under the Russian Foreign Legion wing.
  • After MoredanKantose resigned as commander of the "Batallón Huáscar" to be in charge of his political career, Franco777 was designated successor and commander of the "Batallón Huáscar", leading and participating in important battles like the liberation of Rhone Alps and Aquitaine from Spain in 939-940 and the defense of Lioning in 940-941.