Fujimoto Global

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Fujimoto Global
Logo of Fujimoto Global
Owner Kenji Fujimoto
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Headquarters Kanto
Subsidiaries Nippon Foods
Founded October 2009
Founder Kenji Fujimoto
Industries Manufacturing
Products Food, Moving ticket
Services Fujimoto Global News
Website http://fujimotoglobal.weebly.com

Developed out of the dreams of its founder and chairman Kenji Fujimoto, Fujimoto Global was founded to bring stability to what was seen at the time as an unreliable and chaotic market. The organization itself strives to provide livable wages to its employees and high quality affordable products to the Global market while trying to promote the same in other organizations and companies. The dream of Fujimoto Global is to unify workers interests with company policies in an efficient and profitable way for all parties involved.


Subsideraries and Companies

Fujimoto USA - Nippon Foods USA

Fujimoto Japan - Fuji Foods

Fujimoto USA West - Nippon Foods West


Position Level
Chairman Global Kenji Fujimoto
Board of Directors Global To Be Filled
Global Director Global Kenji Fujimoto
National Directors Japan Dareru Danoshi
USA To Be Filled
Company Managers Nippon Foods To Be Filled
Nippon Foods USA To Be Filled
Fuji Foods To Be Filled
Nippon Foods West To Be Filled
Public Relations Director Global To Be Filled
Governmental Ambassador Global To Be Filled

The full structure of Fujimoto Global, its subsidiaries, and companies are outlined in the Organizations Policy. Also see individual branches and companies for local structure and positions


October 2009

Project Go

Fujimoto Global's Operations Policy


Fujimoto Global's Operations Policy manual is intended to ensure the best operation of every organization and company, as well as creating the best work environment for all employees. The operation policy manual also serves as a means of showing the philosophy behind Fujimoto global. We hope that all organizations strive to keep this kind of transparency and seek to improve life for all.

To give a accurate knowledge base for the operation of Fujimoto Global, its subsidiaries, companies, and employees.

1. Employee Rights

2. Company Rights
2. Companies reserve the right

3. Organization Rights
3 Organizations reserve the right to

4. Promotions and Wages
4. The promotion system of Fujimoto Global and all subsidiary organizations and companies will work as follows

Activity Points
P1. Work (1 week) 7
P2. Work (1 month) 10
P3. Wellness over 80 for one week 3
P4. Have an article published 2
P5. Edit Wiki Article 2
P6. Extra Job (1 month) 10

Activity Cost
S1. Day off 2
S2. X% bonus for one week X= Points spent
S3. 5 Gold 400

5. Operations

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