Fujimoto USA

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Fujimoto USA
Logo of Fujimoto USA
Owner Fujimoto Global
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Headquarters District of Columbia
Subsidiaries Fujimoto Global News
Nippon Foods USA
Founded October 2009
Founder Kenji Fujimoto
Industries manufacturing
Products food
Services media
Website http://fujimotoglobal.weebly.com

Developed out of the dreams of its founder and chairman Kenji Fujimoto, Fujimoto USA was founded to bring stability to what was seen at the time as an unreliable and chaotic market in the United States. The organization itself strives to provide livable wages to its employees and high quality affordable products to the Global market while trying to promote the same in other organizations and companies. The dream of Fujimoto USA is to unify workers interests with company policies in an efficient and profitable way for all parties involved.


Nippon Foods USA